Hey all. I recently ordered this EMG 81/85 Active Humbucker Pickup Set and they're coming in this afternoon. At the moment I have a Schecter Damien 6 with an EMG H4 Passive bridge pickup and an EMG H4A Passive neck pickup. Is replacing those with my new ones going to require a lot of work? Soldering and what not? I've heard that EMG pickups are easy to replace and basically just snap right in, but these are actives, so won't I have to put a battery somewhere? I'd really appreciate some insight.

It'll come with wiring diagrams, and you may have to do a little soldering, but other than that it's pretty simple.
Also, if you need help you can email the guys at emg, they're really helpful actually.
They'll come with wiring diagrams. You're gonna have to change the volume and tone pots because active pickups use 25k pots and passive pickups use 250k or 500k. The output jack will have to be replaced too because the battery hooks to it and when you plug your cord in it completes the circuit and powers the pickups. When your not playing make sure you unplug your guitar or it will drain the battery.
I have a Damien-7 and I had a guitar shop replace the pickups to active EMG's (because I'm too retarded to do it myself lol)

They had to do some extra routing in the body to make them fit. I'm not sure if that will happen to your 6-string, but it happened to mine

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