I'm trying to find a better practice amp. Right now I have a ibanez 10 watt amp with a Digitech RP350.

Now I just found the Peavey Vyper amps... they look really cool.

I was looking at the Marshall MG15 mini stack ... but now i'm debating about whether or not to just sell the pedal and get a combo amp like the Vyper or maybe a Vox .

I play mostly rock and i don't do gigs . Anyone with an idea ?

don't get an MG. i did. worst decision ever.

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go with peavey. im very happy with mine (envoy 110) read reviews on their site-its amzing...
roland cubes are good but you may want to check out hybrids, they are a step up.

look at vox valvetronix or peavey vypers
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I do like the drum machine on my digitech pedal and the wah effect ... anyone know if there are any amps with built in drum machines?
i have a roland cube 60

had a roland cube 60 actually as the speaker blows quite easily, bare in mind i did turn mine up to 11 (blames metal band drummer)
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I would definately go with a Cube over a vypyr. I have a cube 30 for practice. And i bought my son a vypyr 15, The vypyr sounds ok, and has a wide range of built in effects, But i find the construction to be not up to par. Just my opinion.
DO NOT GET A MARSHALL MG. I have one and i hate it. you are better off with the vyper (which i have plaed it and liked it) and the cube(which i have never played but peoplesay there good) and dont get a line 6 spider III
You already have a nice multiFX, then why don't you buy any sort of power amp to hear what you hear thru headphones?
Look at Tech 21 Power Engine 60: ($330)
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Or two of these Cube Monitors in stereo: ($175 each)
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Or if you want tube power go with Atomic 18 or 50 (18W is $499):
I am also part of the Marshall MG hateclub. It's terrible and there was a sig i saw that perfectly summed it up by saying that it is like a box filled with angry, angry bees. VERY ANGRY BEES!