Are these any good, do they dip to one side when standing?
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I thought they were pretty poor when i played them, your probably better off going for an ESP/LTD or a Peavey
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I got a Gibson Explorer and its great. It doesn't tip over, as a matter of fact it sits pretty darn good.
i got one its great i replaced the stock pickups with emg not that there was anything wrong with them i just prefer emgs the only complaint i got it its not perfect by any means cosmetically but what ever
I have one and the only problem I've had with is that the neck would dive to the floor when you you took your hand off the neck. I fixed that problem by moving the strap button to the back like they are on the Gibson models. Like WyldeMan666 I also put EMG's in mine but the stock pickups are OK. I'd like to get a Korina version too.