Hey everyone, been a while since I've posted any of my music or demos here. I know there are a lot of metalheads on UG, so many of you should enjoy this one.

What I recorded is just ideas for the song. I had free time in between classes yesterday and decided to record a couple ideas that I've been toying with before I forget them. Basically, this is just two riff ideas strung together for the time being. I'll have the song written, arranged, and recorded hopefully over the next week. What I have recorded is just ideas that are going to be worked into a song. Let me know what you all think.

Abandon Hope - Demo
Those riffs are nice. I especially dig your tone, its kind of Zakk Wylde-ish. What are you using to record it? Hopefully the drums will sound better in the final version, their kind of flat now and the guitar overpowers them.

Not much to actually critique though, just keep us posted on the final product.
Sweet, slippery riffs.

Drums need a good tinkering. Especially that freaking snare every half second.

Tone is great, not much to critique there.
Them some crunchy riffs, man.

Seriously, it sounds great, but I would fix the snare.
Thanks for listening everyone! The drums sound like ass. They were two generic samples I used from EzDrummer since I didn't have much time to put anything decent together. The drums will be fixed for the final version, won't even sound the same.

I think you guys will be surprised to know I recorded the guitar tracks with my PodXT. It's a new patch I started working on this week, still fine tuning it. The tracks are raw with no post EQ'ing or anything.