I am looking for a band (or bands) to to play at our church. Either worship, or Christian rock, metal or alternative. As long as it has good lyrics and has at least a semi - meaningful message to it. We don't have a huge church, but we would probably be able to get a good number of people to come. We would be able to take a "love offering" to support the band. Let me know if you are interested!!!
Hmm, i am considering this, is there like a dead line or anything? It probably wouldnt be a liyyle while til my band could do anything out there... any info or anything would be cool just to see what I can do
I don't have a time planned or anything, I am just looking into it for the future. Our youth group loves concerts and Christian rock, and I don't think our church is big enough to handle a huge band. I though it would be really cool to find a smaller christian rock band to play. I can try to get you any info you need!!