at 18:16 according to the car clock,some woman came on the radio and reqested never gonna give you up it was amusing
Was it anyone on UG?
excuse the spelling mistakes if any I'm on am iphone
just be thankful she wasn't ripping on his grand-daughter
You're using UG classic, congratulations.
You should be using UG classic.

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You better not have been driving while texting
"Swim in a lake of death, eaten by crocodiles!"

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Quote by dan ramP
You better not have been driving while texting

i love the bit where you subtly let us know you have an iPhone

i do that aswel though..

It's his most popular song.

It may come as a shock to the UG kids but Rick Astley was popular before you were born.

You might as well be sat here joking that Paul McCartney was on the radio and someone requested Hey Jude.
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