Okay, well it was my birthday the other day and my dad had ordered me a dunlop heil talkbox, my head has 8 and 4 minimum ohms impendance and the cabs are the right ones to match, but i only found out a few days ago that the dunlop talkbox has to be set up between the head and cab, SO...

Will my amp explode/be caused damage to, if i were to buy 2 nice long cables to link the talkbox up next to a mic and back to the cab or will i have to find some sort of crazy length proper head to cab cable, and if so, where can i find some?

Thanks in advance
Yea, you shouldn't use guitar cable, it can't really handle all the current. I'm not exactly sure kind of cable to get though.

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get a speaker cable....i didnt think it was that hard...
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yeah, i reckon you want speaker cable. i'd recommend cleartone (sold at award session), assuming you don't want to break the bank.
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It would help if I had any idea what a Dunlop Talk Box was. So here's my best advice.

ANY cable traveling between your Head into your Cabinet should ALWAYS be a speaker cable. A guitar cable can't handle the high wattage being put out by your head.


On that note I use a 1.5' monster speaker cable for my head/cab. Like with all things cables, just get something with a lifetime warranty and you're good to go.
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You don't need to spend much money on the long cables. Any moderate gauge unshielded dual-wire cable will do (like a lamp cord). It should be a bit heavier than a lamp cord if you need it for over 25-30 meters. You can solder your own connector jacks on them & presto, you have speaker cables. I've made dozens of them out of old lamp cords, 2-wire extension cords etc. When you solder the jacks, just make sure each side of the wire is soldered to the same corresponding spot on the jack on the other end.
As stated previously, DO NOT use regular guitar cables (they have shielding/resistance in them, & amp heads hate that).
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I'm going to repeat exactly what everyone else said in this thread: You need an unshielded speaker cable for that. A guitar cable would add resistance to the circuit, which would make your amp very angry.

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