Hi all, I have played guitar for awhile and just started singing so let me know good or bad what you think. I dropped my pick so it's far from perfect but my girlfriend was bugging me to learn it so here it is!
Comments and ratings are appreciated!

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I'm critting while I'm listening.

Guitar is fine from what I can tell for the most part, I haven't really listened to this song a lot.

Your voice really isn't bad at all you sorta sound like him actually, you can tell your voice is still being accustomed to singing but it's good thus far. I can sorta tell you might have a problem with your breathing technique though, only reason I know this is because we stress this all the time in my music skills class lol. Your a little flat with the higher notes which really is no problem, its still enjoyable to listen to. Singing is "all" in the breathing. For higher notes you really want to let out your breath it helps to achieve that higher range. But yeah if you want to make like a "legit" cover of this song your in the realm of doing so just make sure you give a run through of that song, listen to it over and over, have that vocal medley down pat and you'll be great. So overall it's a good start with some flaws that can easily be worked out. Good job and keep it up.
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guitar work is good, singing is a good start but but here's a pointer, you seem to slur words sometimes. so pronounce every word carefully when you sing, it may seem weird but it comes out tons better. your voice seems to be on key in the mid range stuff but whenever it goes higher or lower gets iffy, so practice those. but overall sounds good, just work on that voice in some of those questionable spots and it will be a great cover
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hey, listened to the song. just felt like hearing something while i looked thru the forum, so i picked yours.

i think it's sweet. the guitar's a little choppy, but for the most part you've got the timing down.
a hard thing to do while singing. so props for that.

as for your voice, you got a nice voice for acoustic stuff, but this is a very hard song to sing.

stay in your range, and you're at your best.

thanks for the song. usually i cant get thru most of the songs on here. but your's wasn't bad.


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love it man. It may not be perfect, but it's awesome. Better than I can do any of his songs.
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You have a good voice, you actually sound kind of like Jason Mraz. Just focus on pitch control because as mentioned you seemed to go flat on some of the higher notes. Great job though.