Ok. I'm planning to get a new guitar, that would be suited mainly for fast heavy metal soloing with nice clean tone but also capable to get out a good clean distortion sound. Some time ago I wanted to buy esp mh-1000 deluxe, but then changed my mind on dean dave mustaine angel of deth, but now am concerning to get at Christmas a jackson RR24 snow white guitar that I consider to be good, but am not sure about it.
The bad thing is that I can't try them out at a music store, because where I live, there is a small variety of guitars to choose from. Also it is hard to get a good video on internet where I could listen to the sound of this guitar, and also it depends on the gear -amp effects and so.
Maybe you could suggest me something to get, if my budget is about 1200EURO. Thanks!
Of the three you mentioned i would go with ESP. And maybe even look at the schecter hellraisers.
yeah I would go with the ESP as well

however, i would check out the ibanez prestige too. Awesome guitars. I believe the guitarist from Shadows Fall uses one, which it appears is the type of music you want to play.

hope that was some help
A little more information would be nice. What gear do you have right now?
Get the jackson it has a better neck on it.
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Quote by Pintara_jackson
Get the jackson it has a better neck on it.

Better neck? Maybe to some, Its all a matter of opinion and personal taste.
Yeah, my amp isn't so good at the moment (vox ad15vt xl), but in summer I am going to invest some 800$ to get a better amp, maybe peavy or marshall or something else.