Wow, I haven't been here in maybe 2-3 years!
the new album is for free download at the link at the bottom: I feel that "Sleep" and "Regret" are my strongest along with "Turn to Dust" and "Long Shot", but I dont know. Feel free to download whatever you want, I'd love for someone to just give me some pointers/a crit or whatever, in return, if you have a link to a song you want me to listen to, i'd love to return a crit.

Its funny that I can look back at the song i released in 2005, my voice was high and pitchy and now i look at how my music sounds now (it's been > 3 years) and what a difference! even my perspective on everything has changed. Music was meant to be created, shared, and enjoyed...

anway the link is:

if you have time, give it a listen and if you so desire, please tell me what you thought. i'm always looking to improve my technique/etc. oh, and this was all recorded in my basement. my father has a real, quite professional in fact, studio but i haven't visited his house in forever and the "professional" sounding songs will probably be on my next album. i also feel that if you want to enjoy the music, helps out a bit.

oh ps: sorry but i might not get back to you immediately, i'm working on a paper and i have to finish it soon.
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I feel a little conflicted. I liked the intro song, Existence, and the intro to Sleep but I really am not a fan of the vocals. I think it has a lot to do with the production, they are very rough and sound like they are distorting through a crappy computer mic. I wish the drums were louder in that song to. Turn to Dust starts off strong as well, but doesn't fall apart when the vocals hit. Overall it is much better recording wise and music wise.

Listening to Fate's Hands and the same vocal problems keep cropping up. It sounds like you aren't using a pop filter at all - lots of Ps coming through. Some of the guitar playing is not quite synced correctly either.

After listening to Who Did You See, I'm pretty sure I like the songs, their structure and melodies. BUT - the production kills them. On this song in particular, the vocals are way to high in the mix.

Work on perfecting your playing and work on your mixing! These songs are not being treated fairly with this production. I know it would be a bitch, but try and re-record these songs again, they could sound so much better with the proper treatment.

Good Luck.

C4C if you like: https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=999208

P.S. the backward guitar thing is cool, but don't overuse it.