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Excuse me if there already is such a thread. I searched a few times, but I think my search terms were a bit vague, so I didn't find anything.

How did you get into making guitar-related electronics? Did you learn it all from books and articles on the internet? Did you study electronics at school? At university? Did you attend special classes about it?

I'm just wondering where you guys get your knowledge from. I hope I can get into a decent university to study electronic engineering. They teach analogue electronics and circuit design, among other things, in the first year, which I think will allow me to build my own musical electronics.

Please share your story.

I'll close this thread if it's wrong in any way.
well i am a beginner at all this stuff and have gone through many trial and errors to get thru things but i learned most of what i know thru the internet and forums and a book called the great amp handbook. I have built my own pedals, guitars and my amp and just learning form the internet and asking questions and reading up on electronics has helped. thats basically where i have gotten most of my info. Its very addicitve so though so be forewarned
I'm sure it is. I've done a lot of reading myself, but I've got no place to buy components, so I can't really get any hands-on experience.

I've taken old radios apart, but they use unfamiliar components, and I don't know how to design my own stuff.
^theres loads of places on the internet that'll ship parts to you.
www.generalguitargadgets.com has some good projects and kits
www.mouser.com has lots of components
www.smallbearelec.com has some parts/projects/kits
and more, too, but they're some of the regular rescources for parts/schematics online
Soldering takes some getting used to though....be careful.

I studied electronics in high school, and im doing it in college now. (2nd year)
I havn't built any amps as of yet but I plan to build a solid state and a small tube amp over the holidays, I know how it all works by just reading schematics, asking and learning off the experts of UG (SYK, kurtlives91 etc)
Looked/ read up on different components and parts etc.
I learned all about PCBs, components, and soldering in a high school course.

From there, pedal building was exactly the same.. just in a smaller box .

UG will help you a lot when it comes to this stuff.
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