I've recently written this for my folk metal band, Kalevala (see sig), and just wanted other peoples opinions on it.

If you have no knowledge of neo-folk and listen to it, I am well aware the guitars are repeated over and over, as is the bass, so there's no need to point that out

We're unsure what track to use this as on the Demo too (intro? outro? interlude?), so any advice would be helpful.

Neo-Folk - sam b.zip
that was really good, you've got a great atmosphere going, and i loved the buildup and the fading out at the end

i also really enjoyed the contrast between the steel and nylon guitars

i think this piece would sound great as an intro to your demo because of the way it builds up

would you mind a C4C?
its been a while since i've written anything, and there haven't been posts in the thread in my sig for a while, but its always good to hear an opinion from a fellow folk writer
That was great, man. The only thing that bothered me a bit was extra bass of the ocarina, but that was only momentarily when it first came in. Personally, I think this would do better as an interlude.

I feel like an ass asking you to crit this, but if you please would, the second link in my sig.

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Cheers for the crit.
I have a recorded version on the band profile now. (see sig)

Check it out

Oh my god, that was brilliant. The only gripe that I have with it is how you've built up the song to such a climax of emotion and then it just.... stops
If you could join another song onto this, you should definitely use it as an interlude song.
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thats was really great composure man! really great!

but i wanted more, was way to short for my likeings
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Got a very nice feel to it, I think another melody could add alot to it though - you could make the violin more fluid or have the flute play a third up from the piccolo melody, something like that.

And I actually think it would make an excellent outro. Having this after a really strong, intense song would make a fanstastic end for a demo (or any series of recordings), in my opinion.