I think there sin't a threead like this, gimme a link to it and i'll delete this threadi f there is.

Anyway, whats your favourite part in a song?
For me, its the bridge, but like in the song duality he says "All I've got is insane" repeatedly, then goes back to the chorus. Also, the same sort of thing happens in before I forget where he screams "the end of the road".

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The bridge?
Always the ending, steals the spotlight of the song.
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Usually for me, it's the part before the solo, and the solo itself. Like when the song goes into double-time.

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the breakdown, such as the one in "down from the sky" or "kirisute gomen"
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haha we all do like that part but my favorite would either be intro or solo
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in the arms of sorrow by killswitch engage. when the second chorus starts i think its like all quiet and just guitar and howards like "Into the arms of sorrow!" and then everything starts up really epic like
"Geppetto" by Novembre
4:35/4:36 - The section starts
5:21 Onwards - That part of the solo; 'tis beautiful.
My favourite part in a song is just the first couple of notes of a solo, kinda telling you where it's going to go next, I love it. Especially if hearing it for the first time
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I like it when the drummer doesn't over-use the double bass, and then he uses it for an awesome effect.

I also like it when the guy plays guitar.
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Dave Matthews Band - Crash Into Me

I'm pretty embarassed by it, but I absolutely love the line "You wear nothing, but you wear it so well" in that song.
In "Hljómalind" by Sigur Ros, I love the part where the keyboard/organ comes in after the second chorus. So awesome
The song's climax, leading up to a solo, until it breaks into double the speed, some uber ego shredding tears the world apart for two minutes, capped off with a melodic dual solo, a hefty drum solo, then back to a brutal chorus. Kind of like Shogun by Trivium, Vultures by Arch Enemy, and some Death.
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