I dont get it, i could understand a little knot or 2, but some of the tangles that i see in my headphones are ridiclous

Is there a reason or do that have a mind of their own

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Because they want to rape you in the night so they say to themselves "rape time" and so they tangle and rape you up the ass until you untagle them then they get turned on.
Ever notice what the feeling is in your ass in night. Yeah you guessed it, those fiendishly horny headphones.
maybe because you're inept, and dont untangle the knots before they get life threatening.

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Wrap them around the mp3 player itself, (as straight as you can) but make sure theirs no tension on the input jack.
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I believe it was proven mathematically that something like a headphone when left in something like a bag will inevitably form tangles. I guess it's more likely to form a tangle than it is to untangle randomly so you get shit loads of tangles eventually.
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