So anyone in the pit at Sheffield Uni? more specifically Tapton Hall. I could do with someone to jam with/start a band with..
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I've applied to go there next year.

Play a Cort ?

Play with V-Picks ?

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Woot, Sheffield!

That is all.

Edit: Actually no it's not, visit the Dove and Rainbow down the alley near Pizza Hut in town, there's always plenty of musicians in there, and me sometimes when I'm at home.

Check out West Street Live aswell, and Under the Boardwalk, most pubs in town have gigs and stuff on regularly which is a good place to meet musicians, we're friendly up north so don't be afraid to ask.
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My mate chris is there at the moment, he's a beast on the bass. Talking Victor Wooten meets Mark king in an epic battle while flea faps away in the corner
I'm applying there next year

Is there a good music scene there? I'm not one for "clubbing"

Well, aside from rock clubs. I'll be looking to do some jammin tho so if u hold on a yea n I actually get into Sheffield you never know
i'm at sheffield uni.. in encliffe...

i'm up for jamming but im abit meh at playin guitar lol
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massive fail. the corp is the most fun you'll ever have anywhere! 50p vodka! smoking lots of drugs! dancing to **** music in the commerical room!

ok, maybe i'm being a little nostalgic here, but its still kinda fun. that said, i haven't been for about a year or so now...
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