Bed of Razors by Children of Bodom as played on the electric violin.


watch in high quality :p

Using my Violin > Big Muff / Tremolo / Delay > modded Valve Junior > Avatar G112 with a Celestion Greenback. First time using this cab, I love it already.

Crit for Crit, and I love constructive feedback.
dude, i love you
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Nice man! This is some solid stuff! Awesome playing and tone tone, it blends perfectly with the song,
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Thanks for the comments guys!

I'm really happy with the tone I'm getting with the 112 greenback cab. Less bass, more treble extension, really pairs well with the electric violin.
dude that's awesome !

Did you get the idea to do this from Alexi being a violinist? :P
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wow, that's freaking insane, but really good work! I think the song sounds better on a guitar with active pickups, but that is impressive violin playing!
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Awesome!!!! haha!

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Wow! Truly amazing man. Very sweet. I dunno what to say. You have an amazing talent. Perfect timing. Nice tone with the violin. Overall, excellent..


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Thats was really cool, just posted a comment. I now want to go cover that song lol