'Tis a tad generic but oh well. You can't be 100% original all the time.
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I'd love if you told a bit more about the piece. It's definetly good and has potential, and as far as originality is concerned, I think its fairly original and goes somewhere.

Personally, I think it would help if you slow it down a couple of bpms, it's a little bit too giddy so far to develop more groove. Also, you have two, three guitars, why not use them some more ? In the verse, the second guitar can help play some backing chords (thus leaving the main guitar free to concentrate more on the melody picking). The chorus section could be tightened a bit: the "let rings" to make things to washy muddy and soak abit the power out. Again, utilize the two guitars. It would work fine with just the powerchords, or have one guitar deal the chords, the other does a melody.
Also the drums should play open hihats on fourths instead of all eights (grooves heavier here). Additionally, you seem to utilize the same snare placement for most of the time (on 2 and 4), how about switching that up to make parts of the song feel more distinct (I'm not necessarily talking about the odd-meter part). A halftime with snare on 3 would sound heavier, which could help the chorus, for example, or shuffling things up with some snare diddles on the offbeats can accentuate some parts in a more busy direction. I think more 'restraint' would help the solo. Just stay in one position and deal out some engaging licks instead of jumping too much over the place with runs. A few bars of standart proven classic rock patterns will work the best here.
Most of all, I think this song can really take of with a worthy and engaging vocal melody, so I hope you add some. Good stuff, keep it up!
Thank you, and as far as the guitar tracks go, I just wanted it to be louder and I was testing out to see what overdubbing sounded like in GP.
could you convert it to GP4?

i can't open it
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