Just curios, cause I leave mine on all the time. It makes my dirty channel on my Marshall TSL sound much better!
On certain songs I like the extra crunch it gives, but normally I just use it to boost for leads.

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On the gain channel mine is always on, but when I switch to clean I turn it off, I have a little bit of grit on the TS, plus the cleans on my DSL401 aren't exactly sparkling in the first place it would mean I'd always get crunch on clean.
well if its like Stairway to heaven, it would just be for the end got it? usually just leave it on for the solo.
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I'm looking at getting another OD pedal for a solo boost after I discovered that I prefer my dirty channel with my OD acting as a boost.

as it is now it gets left on when I'm not playing clean
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Mines on all the time, whether clean or dirty. I use an SHO for a boost when I solo.
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