right my drummers not as motivated as the rest of the band to play music, he only ever wants to play simple ska beats or play a dj set or something

hes going away to india for a month so we're guna need a new drummer for that period anyway so yeah...

how do i put him down nicely?

inb4 fap rape kill him etc.
Just tell him.
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be polite?
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Have everyone in the band stand in one line, then say "Ok, everybody's who's in the band take one step forward - wait! Not so fast, drummer boy."
Just tell him that he's a cool guy, but you're not really looking for that kind of drummer. Sorry for the inconvenience.
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how do i put him down nicely?

Take him to the vet's.

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tell him he isn't fulfilling his commitment to the band and if he doesnt start putting more effort into it, you're gonna kick him out. then kick him out after a week or two
well tell him like this: We´re motivated, you´re not. We don´t wanna fool around and get serious, so we ask you to leave this band, we´re very sorry.
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Have everyone in the band stand in one line, then say "Ok, everybody's who's in the band take one step forward - wait! Not so fast, drummer boy."

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Just tell him.

However, it is not wise to ditch him from the band before you have found a replacement.
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Did anybody else read the India part?
Why is he going there?

Expedition? I did that in India for a month.

My band at the time had no problem with it. Unless you're playing gigs you don't need a replacement for that month. Anyways, TS, have you actually talked to him? Give him an ultimatum.
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if so you are qualified to replace my drummer
we are a soft alternative gband and he spends most of practice butchering raining blood horribly