So I'm experimenting with pickups again and wondering if anyone could fill me in on a couple things. My SG with Seymours is up and running now, so I'm moving on to my Ibanez S470. Right now it just has two stock humbuckers and a single coil in the middle. I'm looking at getting the EMG 81/85 set for it.

First off, I believe that the stock Ibanez pickups in the S470 are passive (could be wrong, but I think that's the case, haven't opened it up yet to figure it out for sure), so is there anything I special I need to do when putting in the EMG's, which are Active? Does it matter that the old one's are passive and the ones I want to put in are active?

My other question is about the single coil. For now I think I'm just going to leave the stock single coil in there, will everything still function alright with the stock single coil and the EMG's in the guitar? Later (funds permitting) I'll probably get an EMG S3 single coil to put in to, but for the time being I'm hoping it'll work to leave the stock one in there.

Any help would be awesome, thanks.
If you go active, everything need to be active or else it won't sound right. If you leave your single coil in, better disconnect it.
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well first things first, i do believe that the ibanez pickups are passive. the only major thing youll need to do when putting in the new pickups is finding somewhere to put the batteries.

yes, the stock single coil should function properly provided you dont tamper with anything it is attatched to.
the actives will take different pots than the passives will.
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Quote by bob vila
the actives will take different pots than the passives will.

exactly, and you'll need space for the batteries. I'd go for the Duncan Blackouts, since they have 18v EMG tone at 9v.
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If you leave the single coil in, there will be a huge difference in output (as in either the single coil will sound fine and the active pickup will blow your amp, or the active will sound fine and the single coil won't make any sound at all, depends how you set it up). So you'll need to either disconnect the single coil, or just wait until you can replace both passive pickups to active ones.

Also make sure your amp is one that active pickups actually have a use for. If you're not using a fully cranked high-gain all-tube amp (or if you use pedals for boost/distortion/overdrive/fuzz), then active pickups will do nothing for you. It's worth double checking and really making sure active pickups are what you want before you go spending money on them.
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I'm currently running a Marshall MF350 which is a trans tube amp, sadly, not full tube. With this set up it's sounding like sticking with some type of passive pickups may still be my best bet...thoughts? I'd really like to get that chunky full coheed and cambria like distortion. I play a lot of palm muted stuff and want the get something that'll give me good full tone without being muddy...which is why I was looking at EMG's. Any suggestions of passive pups to look at?
That's actually quite ironic because active pickups generate a very sterile tone that's not very well defined, and in an inappropriate guitar or through an inappropriate amp they can sound very muddy.

Sounds like you need something with pronounced mids. Something like a Duncan Custom, JB Model, Duncan Distortion, Invader or Custom Custom might be the kind of area you should look into, depending on just how high output you want. With your amp though I would suggest that slightly less output will be a better way to go.
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