ive got my guitar in standard tuning, but when i fret the high E string at the 12th fret my tunner indicates that the note being played is half way between E and Eb.....im pretty sure that this should not be the case....any thoughts on as to how i can solve this?

thanks Martin
You may be fretting too hard or not fretting close enough to the bar, thus bending the note slightly out of tune. If the open string rings true, then I woulden't worry about it.
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your intonation is probably out just a little bit. I don't know a whole lot about this, but I know you adjust the bridge saddle to fix that. Garou1911 could be right too.
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your intonation is off. you need to adjust the saddle for that string at the bridge.
That's an intonation problem. You can do 2 things with this...

Take it into a guitar shop and have them set it up, this would be only if you always use the same size string. The plus side to this is they have tools that can get it very precise. Doing this should permantly solve your intonation.


Just mess around with the bridge yourself. Move it back and forth etc... However if you change string size your intonation will be off. And it's not nearly as accurate.

Whatever works best for you