As long as I scrape off all the wood glue, could I use the same nut I take off my guitar? I'm a lefty who bought a Squier Bullet Strat, and need a left handed electric.
I don't think so.. you need a new nut either notched for left hand or blank.... they're not expensive... 10 bucks for a graphite nut. Putting the notches in and doing it well it the trouble. Takes a bit of time and patience to get it just right.
You mean you want to take the nut out, turn it around, and put it back in? I don't think that would work, you will need a lefty nut.

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the reason why it wont work "that well" is because the nut cuts are usually sloped UP to the board from the headstock side.
so flipping it will probably leave the cuts too low, and you might get buzz on the first few frets.

you can shim the nut, that might help. but they are so cheap, you might want to pick up a new precut lefty.

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If you flip the nut the strings will tend to pop out during play. With the bevel the wrong way the strings come out alot easier. You will probably have to go with a blank its not easy to find lefty ones and if they do there will very few to chose from.