I don't know if this is on here or not yet like, but i have a problem:

i am in a heavy/thrash metal band as lead guitarist and we are writing song after song at the moment, the problem i have is a few of these have lengthy parts open for solos that i need to write so i have decided to start learning theory but i don't know where to actually start as there is sooo much. i have written a few solos but non sound correct.

What i am mainly in need of is learning how to write solos that are musically correct against the rhythm guitars part, so i have looked into scales which i kind of understand and in to checking what key i am in but it still makes no sense so is there a better place to start that will help me understand it properly?

P.S. i am unable to afford a tutor but feel free to leave that as a suggestion.
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P.S. i am unable to afford a tutor but feel free to leave that as a suggestion.

get a tutor

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The universal point for starting theory is INTERVALS.

From there, go pick up some scales. For Metal I would suggest The phygrian Dominant and the minor Natural for soloing.

Learn to palm mute like your life depended on it.

Also, experiment with dropped D tuning to speed up your power chords. This also opens the door for dropped C and b tuning, which is very BRUTAL. Good luck metal head.
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well deagle-eyes my solos have to fit the same key as the rhythm and they also have to be done using notes that fit as well but i do know that notes that don't fit as well are used alot but the solo will always go back to a correct note on the same scale and key called a resolved note
cheers gizmodious i will get right onto finding out about intervals now, but any other suggestion would be most appreciated as i want to learn as much as possible
Read Josh Urban's Crusade articles in the columns section.
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Read Josh Urban's Crusade articles in the columns section.


If you start with article 1 and follow it right through, you'll have a good knowledge of music theory and how to apply it.
ok thanks all. i have looked at the crusade articles but the tabs on there are really bad and don't show on my screen properly. As far as one lesson goes i struggle to pay my bus fare at the moment so that is going to be pretty hard lol but i know someone who does give lessons and i'l see if he will give me a free one as a favour. no this isn't for a theory exam it's just for musical development ifor myself and for the band as a whole.

keep the advise coming