He likes to use talk boxes, hes just making it look like hes talking into it...
Lets jump in a pool

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Use the searchbar.
I'm no searchbaroholic, but this has been asked way too many times
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I think this man wins the thread.

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We have a winner.
Uh that's wah, and He's playing with his teeth...I'm seein no Talkbox tubes in his mouth.
I did search and couldn't find it.
And I knew the other guitarist was using a talkbox, but I didn't think he was
You can yell into the pickups of some guitars. Don't know which ones specifically. My friend could get it out of his epiphone les paul. It's not defined like a talk box is. If you can't do it on your guitar then you'd probably just have to have a different one.
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You can yell into guitars that have pickups that aren't potted and get microphonics. When you yell at them, it vibrates the coils and sends the sound to your amp. That might not be EXACTLY what happens, but i'm pretty sure it has to do with microphonic feedback.
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can be done. check paul gilbert's "get out of my yard"

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