ive been laying guitar for about 4 years now and am looking into buying my 2nd electric guitar im currently playing on a ibanez GAX30 (i know its not the greatest guitar)
im looking for a good guitar for clean and punk / rock playing i dont tend to play much metal but i want a guitar that isnt completely useless when playing metal.
im also playing on a peavey bandit 112 60 watt amp if that information is of any use
id prefer something under the $1600 AU mark
ive been looking at the ibanez ART500 and want to know peoples opinion on it and how good ibanez LoZ pickups are
im also open suggestions for both guitars and pickups

thanks in advance for the help
That ibanez sounds nice. I would suggest an Epiphone LP Custom Silverburst. Not very expensive, only like $600 USD. I'm not sure how much that would be in AUD, though. Or maybe you could get a 1958 Re-Issue Explorer!
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thanks for the help
ive had a few friends with epiphones and they find they're pretty unreliable and i dont like the sound much
any other advice and atm AU is about 70c to 1 american dollar
the music i play is really versatile
i play stuff like offspring, rise against, red hot chilli peppers, foo fighters, the living end
and occasionly some green day ,metallica
id like a guitar that is mainly 4 RHCP offspring and foo fighters music
o yea and i like incubus , alien ant farm and jimmy eat world
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I'd just shop around and do your reading. If you want to sound just like someone famous you'll be in the poor house quicker than shit. Don't go buy a PRS and a Mesa Boogie stack just to sound like Creed, cause if you try and play "gimme three steps" it's going to sound like Creed playing "gimme three steps". Pcik something that will be versitle to the music you want to play. And I would seriously look at getting a tube amp. Peavey is great for practice and they can take a beating, but if you want to play out I'd suggest not using a solid state amp. You can go to www.guitargeek.com and see what guitar set ups everyone is using live. Chances are what you hear on an album is from a custom modded guitar and custom modded amp. But it's fun to try and get close to that original sound as possible. And who knows maybe along the way you'll even find your own sound!
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i dont want to sound like someone famous i was just using their sound as an example
and i want a guitar that will be able to produce a sound along the lines of that
i really just want people to suggest guitars for my situation but thanks for the information anyway