I just bought myself a new leather strap and I was looking to get some strap locks, but all I could find was Dunlop... does anyone have them? are they any good? because I've heard schaller are the best but I can't find any...
Dunlops work fine for me.
Anything to prevent my guitar from falling and smashing my toe :]
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I personally prefer the Schaller strap locks over Dunlop but either would get the job done. Are you looking to buy them locally because many of the online retailers have the Schaller strap locks if you want them.



I have both Schaller and Dunlop, and I honestly don't prefer one over the other. They're both of equal quality, so just pick the ones you like best. The only real difference is that with the schallers, you pull on a ball to unlock, and with dunlop you push in a button to unlock. It may be worth noting that my schallers have come unscrewed (from the strap) on their own before, and dunlops have no screw system whatsoever (again, on the strap. there's still a screw for the post).
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Indeed Schaller's are the best. Dunlop's stick WAY off the guitar *I own them* but you can drill a little into the horn and base of your guitar and flushmount them. Ernie Ball makes strap locks now as well. But they aren't too attractive...
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