I have a big chip in my guitar, and I just fill it in with a sharpie...
i dropped my strat outside on the sidewalk once, it was devastating, she's a tough one though
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If writing on your guitar ruined the tone Tom Morello would be screwed.


I spend hours trying to get those strings cut right and fancy wound around the tuners and look at this mofo... WTF???

Man, Morello is proof that it's all about the man in the box.
If its just a marker pen it'll be fine

It wont if you cover them in thick ink/paint but it would have to be pretty god damn thick to make any problem at all
He who knows all, knows nothing in the eye of a imbecile.
if by sharpie you mean a bandsaw and by colour you mean cut it into small pieces ruthlessly, then yes.

but if you wanna take a marker and colour on your guitar, there will be absolutely no difference whatsoever.