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The odds of them ever coming round my neck of the woods seem somewhat low.

I hope their future live shows get pro filmed. At least we can see it without trekking all the way across the world. That Glumorphonel vid's fantastic.
Here is a quote from someone who went:

Quote by Hades (from an OSDM forum
Show was ****ing great as usual. The ****ing venue was a stinky **** hole that smelt like an asshole. It also had a slanted floor that was probably on a good 30 degree angle.

It was ****ing unbearable to stand on in the heat, stench and in boots so about 3/4 through Portals set I had to go out and stand on level ground to rest my aching back and feet.

As for Portal, ****ing amazing show as always. I think that's easily my 5th or 6th time seeing them and this is the first time they incorporated a projector showing a bunch of random scratchy ****ed up stuff on a screen behind them. Made for an amazing visual while listening to the horror.The curator had a new head piece on which was a black cardinals head piece. Looked ****ing ace.

For all of you people attending Maryland Death Fest next year, you're gonna be in for one of the most intense stage shows you've ever seen.

Quote by Hades
It unfortunately wasn't just a stale beer/piss smell of the venue. It literally smelt like some dude had completely shit his pants with a huge diarrhea blast. It was really horrible and was fermenting in the heat.
Haha, I couldn't imagine seeing them any other way. If it were clean and well lit it wouldn't be the same.

Actually, I've yet to go to a non-massive venue that was completely clean and well lit.
The venue I go to the most has so much piss on the floor in the bathroom that they have to replace the flooring on a regular basis because it caves in.
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Quote by Magero
What I tried to get across was that I thought the pretentiousness WORKED in the interview, it helped keep the image alive and all that. I've got no problem with the costumes, it's a stage show, whatever.

All I was trying to get across was the double standards. NeO are wankers because they have a pretentious myspace, but Portal have all these pretentious interviews, they wear costumes and they make "atmospheric death metal", but no, that's not wanky at all...

For the record? Their music is boring.

Lulz Magero. You post this Epic review of Portal in my Technical Death Metal Thread, and yet you Roll your eyes here...

But anyway. Good band, Weird sound, Strange Antics.
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Portal should definitely make a dvd with footage like that one video posted here earlier. Of course I doubt they ever would do something like that, but my god would it be awesome.
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Quote by Magero
The Curator thinks the time for these childish comments has passed.

not again
Quote by Marskell
Swarth is so mint!

People do bloody change! Marsh, you went from utmost loathing of this band to liking them! I mean Swarth was cool but wow...
So did I, but he did it over the course of a weekend, where as I did it over a week or so of carefully listening to Seepia and dissecting what they're doing.
Yes, Seepia got me into Portal too, Outre' is ok, just a terrible starting point. Swarth is amazing, best of both albums.
It would be so awesome if these guys were secretly powederfinger or something hahaha
Quote by Deplorable
Yes, Seepia got me into Portal too, Outre' is ok, just a terrible starting point. Swarth is amazing, best of both albums.

Are you kidding? Outre is amazing with its muddy production and chaotic riffs and all.
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Quote by Cianyx
Are you kidding? Outre is amazing with its muddy production and chaotic riffs and all.

I love Outre', but when I showed it to people, they just hated it, Whereas Seepia grabbed their attention more, its better to get people into Portal than Outre' is what I'm saying.
Splish-splosh. All of their albums have murky production and chaotic riffs anyway
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I found Outre much easier to get into actually, was the first album I listened to extensively.
Finally, an official announcement, been waiting ages for it. I knew they were playing, just didn't know where. Over 18's FML.
Portal and Ulcerate? sounds fuckin' wicked.
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Quote by Magero

They played on the weekend. Missed out, but holy lol @ the Curator's new costume. Think I prefer the clock tbh.

It would have been about 9 thousand fucking degrees inside that outfit. Literally.

You should have seen when they used to play at The Basement (luckily metal got moved from there.. about 3 weeks after I got banned) back when he wore a wizard's hat, it would hit the ceiling because it was a high stage/low ceiling - and it was about 15 degree warmer on the stage because of how close to the lights you were. One gig we played there one of our blokes was doing windmills and his hair got caught in the lighting. It was pretty ****in funny. First gig I ever saw of Portal's it was pretty early, out the back of the Jubilee Hotel in the beer garden, like 2003 or 2004 or something with Excruciate and Psycroptic (psycroptic were/are shit, Excruciate were killer). Jubilee is awesome for gigs, are there any still there? Last SoL gig ever we did was upstairs at the Jubilee with Nocturnal Graves and Invocation in '05 or something? How well do you know Erin? Is she still mates with a bloke called 'static' (ben) (his ex, Erin's old bestie, seems to shag someone from every band that tours)? If so and you ever see him, tell him Dwain says g'day and to look me up, I haven't spoken to that **** in a few years and I don't know how to reach him.

edit: what venue is that? doesn't look like rosies. is metal still being played at that shit hole? I haven't been to a gig in brisbane for years.
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I've only been to one gig at the Jubilee and that was this Goth Rock/Metal festival my old band played. Was a total waste of time. Played at 4:30 in the arvo, upstairs, and no one even knew there WAS an upstairs, so we just got really hammered.

I don't know Erin very well. We don't get along. She thinks I'm terrible at the internet, and I think she's pretty terrible IRL so we balance out nicely. She kicked me in the testicles last time we met. Good times.

I could tell Erin to tell Ben to talk to Dwain though If she doesn't attack me again <_<
I need to get Jimmy to protect me from now on.

edit: Venue is The Globe. It's ok, but it's about 90,000 degrees all the time. Rosie's is still going strong though. Geeks runs the metal night and Destroy All Lines runs all the hardcore nights.
Yes do it.

getting sloshed at the jube is the best, because they always screw up the bar tabs with their computer system thing. last time i played there it was with forn.v/ and dan (shrapnel/lustration) organised the gig and we were headlining (lot's of time to drink!!) and I think the 5 of us from the band managed about 5 jugs of beer each before the manager caught on and told us to **** off. The **** sucker got us back though, by pulling out his decibel meter repeatedly through our set

ninja edit: is the globe that junk place in the valley near the arena? i don't really get along with geeky poo (I'm over it, he probably is too, but bridges were burned, etc), so I don't think when we play up north we'll be playing at rosies haha. a good mate of mine back in brissie land (john) has been organising gigs though, so all will be good! Have you checked out Moon? it's a re-badged forn valdyrheim but playing Moon tracks, ****ing awesome BM (best in Oz, not like there is any competition though). I was gonna go up to do vox for their gig last month, but really cbf flying up for a few weeks to learn a set and play a gig. I'd rather drink with my lot down here and realise we're too hungover to rehearse.
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Quote by romencer17
Portal and Ulcerate? sounds fuckin' wicked.

Hell fucking yeah son. Can't wait. That stuff's gonna be ballin'.

I hope the Curator gets the clock back...that's classic stuff.
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Yeah, it does.

I will not go back to my assignment, Cianyx. You can't make me

Actually, I'm hoping to have finished it in the next 20 minutes or so.