I've recently been wanting to play a lot of songs in low tunings (Drop Db, Drop C, etc.) and my guitar isn't great for it (strung up with 10's). I'm looking at 2 options:

1) Get a heavier gauge string on my guitar. Pros: Better sounding when drop-tuned, heavier-sounding; Cons: E Standard and tunings like that might not sound as good.

2) Get a guitar specifically for those tunings. Pros: Devoted guitars to both styles of tunings, having more than one guitar (); Cons: Costs way more money, my parents ended up paying for my guitar out of kindness a month or so ago and they might get mad if I said I wanted another one.

Which one looks like the better option? Will I be able to do higher tunings as well with, say, 11's or 12's?
i think you are making to much out of it. my guitars play fine in drop c or E standard with .10's on.
I switched to elevens and they still feel a little loose, maybe heavy top skinny bottoms or something? standard shouldn't be a problem, you may just need truss adjustments or somethin
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dude, they will sound better no matter what. bigger strings=bigger mass=bigger tone. the only thing is the tension may be too much for your fingers to handle with big strings. ive tried 13s and 14s at standard and thers not much of a problem except the g string since its wound, so i say just get some bigger strings.
I'd go to 11-49, or something like that. handles it a bit better. Also, I don't see the problem with standard using heavier strings than 10's; it's just a little "beefier" sounding.
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