I have been in this rut of listening to metalcore and deathcore and its so boring. My playing revolves around string skipping, tremolo picking and sweeps. It's like I have no repertoire or bag of tricks. Simple sweeps and a little tapping, whatever. Vela by the human abstract was the last song I was kind of learning. I find it very difficult though. Is there something with a little more flavor along these lines? Something with some technique, but not incredible time sigs. I'm just starting to branch out into new time signatures. Something that isn't AILD or parkway drive or as blood runs black. Or if you can recommend a few good artists. Is there metal that isn't all about these things? Basically, I'm bored and lost with what I'm involved in right now. Any help would be awesome. Cheers.
check out some Cynic and Atheist, working elements of jazz into metal can really improve your technique and give you a lot of new ideas

also, ask in the rec thread at the top of the page next time
try darkest hour if you like fast stuff
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I can't sweep and I have a couple of tricks but I would gladly trade some of 'em for sweeping and string skipping.
darkest hour is nice. actually all of these suggestions have been nice. thanks, I'll take all of the help I can get.
check out some black metal maybe.....its not always super technical, but i find it refreshing compared to metalcore and deathcore....
check out some emperor,bathory,immortal
and look up the song unhealer by ihsahn. its pretty awesome. not mega tech, but it sounds freaking awesome, especially in contrast to chuga chuga chuga-core..(not that i dont love that once in a while)
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The basics like Necrophagist, Nile, Behemoth should do you good.
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