When I learned guitar and bass I had only a right handed guitar. (Hopefully you can conclude from that that I play upside down.) So that leaves us at this confusing mess:

I need to buy a left handed bass to have the knobs on bottom away from my hand and arm. But when I buy a lefty I will have to switch the strings to right handed because that is how I know to play.

At that; how would I go about doing this? I will have to take off all the strings and the nut and switch the nut and strings around. But won't this be bad for the neck? What do you suggest? (Other than learning the right way.)
wait, what? So instead of just flipping the nut and restringing the guitar, you learned guitar upside down? How long have you been playing? If it hasnt been long, now might be the time to try and fix something that I would think would only hold you back in the future.
About a year now. And that is a year I don't want to be in vain.

I do fine like I am. I just play guitar as a secondary so it's no biggie. But I am playing bass for some friends soon so I need to get a new bass that I can wear with a strap and with the controls and plug in on bottom.
Seeing as playing is something you will end up doing for a lifetime, one year is nothing. I would really recommend learning with the proper stringing. Since you have basically just gotten over the stumbling blocks of coordination and the conditioning of your hands and crap, and you aren't too set in your ways, I bet you could be playing proper at the same pace as you are now in only two months
I guess you have a good point. Maybe it is time that I learn the right way.

Well; given new circumstances;
Where can I find a lefty bass (short scale preferably)
for a 300-400 max price range?