So I went to my old hometown of Sidney this past saturday and me and my friend Michael were jammin when we ran across the integrated drum machine on the keyboard we were using. (I play drums but I have no set.) So we just decided to record for the hell of it.

So from 12am to 6:30am we were recoding this song. Then the next day we spent all day recording lyrics. (He is a really good singer but it REALLY DOESNT show in this song. I don't know what the hell his problem was.)


The first one on the playlist has no lyrics. (The better version.)
The second one has lyrics. (Ugh! And shitty recording.)

So let me know what you think!

(I really don't want anyone to think Michael can't sing so if you would like a better idea on his vocals go to http://www.myspace.com/amnestyfallsst and listen to Blitzkreig. He sings in the chorus. Or http://www.myspace.com/thebeautifulwilderness for his acoustic stuff. Redemption and Destruction is an amazing song by him.)

Let me know what you think!