I'm and electric player but started to get into acoustic and I'm having trouble switching from say a G chord to and F chord. Any tips of how to do a quick switch to an F chord?
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Just practice it until you get it quick. That's the only way. Or you could play a G barre chord and just slide down...
Try playing the G chord with your pinky on the high G, middle finger on the B, and ring finger on the low G. Then all you have to do is drop down to the F chord. It may take a while to get your fingers used to that shape (especially the pinky) but it should help a lot
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Yea, the F chords a bastard. I still mess up when changing to it. I bar the e and B with my first finger, use my middle finger for the G and my ring finger for the D. Just keep trying it, go slow, then speed up. You will get it within time

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Which F chord are you talking about? I can think of at least 6 ways to play that same chord, not counting the inversions. Same with the chord you're starting from.

Don't think about this...if you try to think it though you won't be able to get out of your own way. You just have to hear the music, and have your playing conform to that.

SLOW IT DOWN...then try it at speed after you can play it slow.
Yeah, as people have said practise is the best way.

Or you could do a G barre chord, and slide down 2 frets to an F whilst still keeping the same shape:

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I've been playing the acoustic for over fourty years, and the "F" chord was a struggle at the beginning.

Typically, (now) I play the F-Chord as a bar chord in first position, but when I want to play it the "old way" I lay my first finger down sideways, (the last joint of my finger right alongside the nut, and force my second and third fingers to likewise lay on each other, to get good sound out of strings 1 & 2 in the first fret.

As far as switching from "G" is concerned.....it's faster (IMHO) to switch to the Bar-F than the older version of F, but "practice" is still the operative word.
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i had that problem a while ago 8)

learn full barre shapes, so much so that you can do it as easy an open chord
learn santana & everlast - put your lights on
thats what song i used to do to learn this transition
keep on doing it till you get it!
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