Hey everyone i was wondering if anyone had any hardcore or progressive riff writing tips??????????????because ive searched and i was unsuccessful in finding a lesson. so if someone could piont me in a way of a lesson that would teach that or just tell me some tips i would be extremely thankful because its like i feel the music but i just dont know where to start so any tips tricks whatever im open to suggestions also ive been getting lucky a few times and coming up with a few good riffs but i have no idea how to keep them going with the beat or get them to sound good with the rest of the song or riff so pleaaaaaaaaaaasse someone help me
not really a tip more a cheat, but try recording yourself playing along to a song you dont know how ta play at all. could work, maybe not but worth a try
listen to any band matt fox was/is in
zombie apocalypse and shai hulud are good ones

then try to learn songs by does bands and youll get a good understanding of writting riffs in both styles
Writing all comes from your own style and creativity....and your style and creativity comes from learning to play songs by bands similar to your own style goals...learn lots of the music you want to play...and before you know it great sounding riffs will be popping into your head all the time...its just your job to play them...writing is a skill you learn with time...good luck man
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Jam with others who like the same music. It makes the ideas come out whenever I do that.
see ive tried most of those things ive jammed alot and stuff i tried the weird thing abouty playing the song it didnt help im more so lookin for chords scales and stuff along those lines or even rythmns