hey y'all check out my badass band Dysern @ myspace.com/dysern or on the facebook. been a 3 peice for 3 years and have just added a new member. If you like death metal with a groove you'll love this.! peace peeps
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after 3 years you couldn't get a decent recording? or a good singer?
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Actually diggin it. Not quite heavy enough for me... missing something... maybe it's just the recording taking something out of it? I personally don't "dance" to my death metal it's all pitting and .

Dig the singer too. Real metal is a dying breed but you guys are doing a great job contributing to it's life.
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There are no genres in metal that end with "core."
actually was kidding bout the dancing. We played a show one time and some grandmother of another bands member was there and got all drunk and tried to dance to Dysern! pretty funny shit!
Hahah I bet. When I read it at first I was like "Oh god... no more hardcore dancing please god no more," brought a tear to my eye to hear real metal!
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There are no genres in metal that end with "core."
Yeah, you added me the other day and I didn't really have time to listen to it. It's really good and it does have a kind of groove to it. The quality is better than some studio recordings too.
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