Been a while since I hooked into some with high gain and I kind of think I sound like crap because of all the noise when I'm playing on the thinnest strings. Stuff like hitting the strings above me due to my pull off technique, tapping technique hitting other strings, etc...

Anyone have anything they use to practice precision and clean playing? Maybe some speed based exercises mixed in? Thanks
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Always mute the strings you are not playing...either by resting your hand on the bridge over the strings you arent playing...or bending the fingers on your lead hand a certain way in order to mute those non-played strings....try playing simple finger excercises with alternate picking up and down the neck and with hammerons and pulloffs....like 1-2-3-4 (next string) 1234....for rhythm playing maybe try playing some mutted patterns and possibly some chugging....if your up to the advanced stuff do some simple sweeps all in combination with using both hands to mute the strings you arent playing...it also helps to form a warm up routine so you always play at your best....hope all that helped
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Slow down until you can play with a clean sound. It doesn't matter if you are playing at
a snails pace...if you have to play that slowly to play clean do it. Take your time and slowly
work your way up.

Unwanted sounds can not be fixed by speed exercises. Your muscle memory is deceiving you.

Your technique is just a little off. You will find that by slowing down... the incorrect accidental
grazes that cause the unwanted sounds will still be there. Use that slow pace to correct the ways you are making contact with the strings and body of your guitar.

I apologize if I sound like I'm an @$$hole. I have been here myself and I found that my coordination with speed was fine, but the problem was that my coordination with the fretboard was off. I thought my hands were in one place but I was looking at the big picture. Sure my hands were in one place but i wasn't paying attention to what i was doing with my fingers on my picking hand. Sometimes the three fingers that don't do anything while you're holding a pick are just as important as the rest.

Also Single coils are great because they pick up feedback.
Active pups are good but sometimes don't pick up frequencies that passives project very clearly...so...despite the on board preamp...you can get away with mistakes that you cant get away with when you use a traditional humbucker.
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Hmmmm, thanks for the advice so far. Using my Les Paul with active EMGs into a crumby guitar port... Lots of tones, but bleh tone... Does this effect what picks up as well?

Also, had no idea about the single coil thing...
"Don't panic, everything is falling neatly out of order"
- Douglas Adams