Anyone own (or used) one of these? I' was looking at getting a wah and boost/fuzz pedal and this sounds too good to be true. I usually stay away from all things Fender, but I've found one for €129 and I'm seriously considering it. It would also be cool to have something nobody else around has.

Couple of questions:
1. Is it true bypass?
2. I've heard the wah has quite a broad sweep, what's your opinion?
3. Is the fuzz like a FuzzFace or Big Muff (har har) or is it different altogether?
4. How well does it handle high gain?
4. How's the build quality?
5. Is it difficult to control (side to side, up and down)?
6. Does it sound like any other wah?

Thanks UG, I'll check in the morning. I need bed now.

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I'm bumping this thread because this pedal also interests me.
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Haven't played it, but I would bet some big money that the fuzz isn't Big Muff-esque. Probably more of a softer voiced fuzz
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