I've recently started to actively try and learn to play guitar, rather than just tapping away at it randomly, and I've come up with a couple of 'songs'.

I know they're nothing special, and they're pretty simple, but I would love some advice on what I can do to improve my music. Any comments would be highly appreciated, negative or positive.

Both songs were made by recording a simple rythym section and then looping it in winamp and recording over the top of that. The drums in the first song are from my pedal.

these are a really good start. seems like you've grasped the sort of basics of improvising but now all it takes is building up the skill. just take that chord progression and just play over it over and over again when you practice.

how long have you been playing?
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Me playing
I've been playing off and on for a few years, but haven't made any serious effort to learn how to play and create music until quite recently, I've just been guitar doodling, so to speak.

The past three months or so I've been actually been studying how to make my own songs.

I got a half decent guitar on which I can play chords all the way down the neck about two weeks ago. The one I was using before just made horrific noises if I tried to play anything other than open chords.

Playing other people's songs never really interested me, so before that I just used to fiddle with it, not really making any progress because I didn't spend any time reading about composition and stuff, or really experimenting, I was just tapping away mindlessly.

Thanks for the comments