Hi guys, I'm in the process of setting up my own home recording set up and was trying to save some money by downloading Reason. I have a 2 gig version that i got off bit torrent but all i can do with the downloaded stuff is burnt it to CD instead of starting the programme.
I have started to look on ebay for cheap slightly older versions of reasons but was wondering if any of you can help with my problems with torrented reason or how to get it without spending the RRP.

Thank guys
Well, Usenet is a very good place to start. Also, and decent distribution of Reason is going to have at least 20GB of samples with it. Absynth is a very good synth program as well, check that out.


I am running pro tools and sonar 7 with Absynth for my synths, Superior 2.0 for my drums, Amplitube Metal with Cabinet Impulses and Voxengo Warmifier for my guitars, and a tube mic pre for any bass and vox tracks.


I in no way support the unauthorized distribution or re-selling of otherwise legal software. I also do not support pirating of legal software.

But im canadian so who cares
I've bought, sold, and traded more gear than I care to admit.
Wrong section of the forum AND I don't think any forum condones illegal downloads. Good luck?