The levy breaks yet again, and the water surrounds me. The rage and fury of the roaring waves are overwhelming. I swim for a safe haven far away, but I realize I may never get away from the site of the storm, yet returning home is out of the question now. I finally realize why this always happens. The lightning fast shock, the confirmation of my worst fears, it snapped into perspective in just one moment. The nurturing of the old and fading, the forgiveness of a traitor, the days wisped away by the tending of reappearing wounds. None of it seems to matter anymore. I turn my head and set my eyes to the horizon. With my chance to leave, I turn my back. This feeling of closure relieves me, but the nostalgia creeps in from behind. I’ve realized it’s all for the best. The burden of being but a shadow ends today. So much to accomplish, so little time.
*clap clap clap clap* Amazing job! I remember you commented on one of my poems. What you wrote is better... =)