okay I'm not a song writer, and my only skill is guitar, so I need to write a song for my english class about the odyssy. So can someone write me a song, or write me lyrics and give me an instrumental and vocal part from another song, that sounds good on acoustic. so any help would be appreciated. oh yeah i have to include these things:

(in any order)

1.it's over 11,000 lines long.

2.he is a narrarator

3.the theme or subject of the tale is important

4.setting is huge

5.main character is or is capable of being, a hero

6.Action includes superhuman deeds

7.gods or supernatural being take part

8.purpose is not only to entertain, but to teach and inspire reader/lister with examples of people succeding

9.he asks for help from a muse

10.the narrarator begins in the middle of things

11.the narrorator includes speeches by principal characters

12.the narrarator' tone and style are formal

13.the use of figurative language makes the narrarative vivid and exiting
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