Its seems to me like today many artists are improving their music with computer software and such. Death Cab For Cutie doesn't do that at all. (if you don't believe me, check out the links. And just listen to them live and compare it to the record). Does anybody know of any other bands that don't polish their music?


Led Zeppelin!!!...but seriously Disturbed kicks ass Live and on studio albums they sound 80 percent the same live.
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Yea I don't think it really matters about polishing the music. On the cd you want it to sound good. Half the fun of going to a concert is well how the concert sounds you know what I mean?
To what extend do you call polishing?

A decent recording must be mixed to produce a quality sound. It consists in removing frequencies that clash between instruments. Otherwise you get the muddy sound that's so typical for amateur recordings.

I wonder how much of this is mixed out by the PA guy during live concerts. Does anyone have any experience with that?