On another note, is it just me, or are Cruz and Rubio just the goddamn ugliest motherfuckers? I mean there's unattractive, but those two just look inhuman; Cruz looks like a mutant pedophile and Rubio looks like a skinsuit stretched over a faceless robot.
Eyepennies by Sparklehorse

Simple guitar/piano lines but has a waltzy feel that makes it really interesting
That's cause ain't no whitey know the real blues

He can't sing worth shit either (feel free to cringe through his cover of "Just Got Paid", not to mention the contrived "I can't hear you" intro and pale blue suit), but his ego doesn't leave any room for a singer on stage. On a related note: I'm not a big Slash fan but I give him props for getting a singer for his solo stuff.
Quote by Rickholly74
+1 Tukk04. Well said.

P.S I also owned a CBS era Fender Twin that I put JBL speakers in. That amp was very heavy. I was young then. Can't imagine taking that up a long flight of stairs now.

Yup factory JBL speakers with the badge on the front and everything, the previous owner actually put industrial handles on both sides and wheels on the bottom, I swear if your grip slipped and it rolled down the street it'd total a few cars and kill a pedestrian. Not worth the effort for live use.
Play whatever amp gives you what you want, whether it be SS, tube, or modeling. If it doesn't suit your needs, it's worthless.

I've used some amps that I've really liked (BF-spec Silverface Twin, Cyber-Twin, Modded Epi VJ) but for one reason or another they weren't right for me. The silverface sounded amazing but was way too heavy and valuable to be dragging around everywhere, the cyber-twin was a great recording amp but has sloppy low-end that makes it hard to use at un-miked live volumes, the epi I modded myself and while it sounds good it won't cut it live and I wound up selling it to my drummer for financial reasons.

My current amp is a like-new solo series peavey bandit 65 I found and I don't see myself replacing it unless it breaks beyond repair. It fits all my criteria: reliable, good clean sound to use with pedals, easy to transport, gig worthy volume (louder than I'll ever need, honestly). Is it a $10000 Custom made diamond encrusted tube amp? No, but that's not a realistic option for most people and that's not what I need for what I do.

Go for what works for you, if a tube amp suits you, get one, if a $100 crate half stack gives you what to you want, great, if you're into amp sims or a modelling amp, go for it. Don't let some doofus on a forum tell you that you need tubes to sound good, because they're wrong. I'm not saying SS is better than tubes, because they're both just different ways of amplifying sound, despite what some people believe one is no more magical than the other.
Rob Cavallo and Jerry Finn were one helluva team (The Muffs, Jawbreaker, Pre-CLA Green Day)
Jimmy Iovine (Tom Petty, Stevie Nicks, The Pretenders)
Jack Endino (Countless NW punk bands, His style IS the Seattle sound)
Larry Crane (solely for his work on Elliott Smith's stuff, though he's been involved in other great projects)
Butch Vig (great but IMO Nevermind is one of his best works as a producer but not as an engineer, sadly it overshadows everything else he's done)
Quote by UltimateGuizar

Obviously it's in a sassy voice.
Quote by zack.samford
Gg Allin IS a piece of shit, finally something I agree on with minterman. I don't want to associate my music with guys who eat their own shit, openely let people rape their daughter, rape children, and **** animals. His music is terrible, and to me, music is the first priority of punk rock, not your attitude.

Yeah I forgot to mention that, GG Allin was human garbage, anyone that considers his actions "cool" or to be representative of punk is a complete moron. He was essentially the living embodyment of everything conservatives said about "the punk menace" back in the 80's; he was the worst possible thing to happen to punk ever, even worse than pop-punk.
Joe Strummer
Paul Simonononon
Bob Mould
Greg Norton
Grant Hart
D. Boon
Mike Watt
George Hurley
George Hurley's Hair
Greg Sage
Lee Ving
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i bet you pronounce it "jiro" eh smh people these days i tell ya

I tried to convince people I know it was pronounced with an "H" sound and no one ever believed me, so I stopped because I didn't want to seem like a pretentious prick. Greek food is awesome any way you pronounce it though.
Quote by MeTallIcA313
Negative Sun is a pretty boss band name.

Every good band name I thought of was taken when I looked it up except Negative Sun.

Sonic Titan, taken twenty times over
Quash, not taken but not that great
Buzzf*ck, taken
Buzzhead, not as good as Buzz**** but not taken at least
Killer Queen of Wales, not taken but the joke would wear quickly
And about a hundred more I though were great but were in use when I looked.

@MeTallIcA313: BTW I'm from Monroe County, PA. I also went to school to be an electrician, haven't been able to find a job in it though.
Quote by Cardbored

I'm sorry I'm bored.

I got a chuckle out of it, I'm liking the idea of using the original as a basis for different variations.
Quote by sonic_hippy

enjoy your logo, edited by me.

You are a true master of the art, that is incredible.
Quote by CodeMonk
I would draw it, but I suck at drawing...
But how about putting the flames on the inside of the circle instead of the outside?

Not a bad idea, if I can figure out how to do it it's worth a shot.
Quote by Deliriumbassist
It looks like the bastard love child logo of Type O and Alice in Chains.

Or Godsmack.

I can imagine some white trash biker-wannabe hearing it and being like "this doesn't sound anything like godsmack "

I think this is more accurate though:
Quote by MinterMan22


xaxa gelio exo dinata ! ! :^)

Gyro feta, miserlou toga debt!
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Quote by metal4eva_22
I made it a little cooler.

Oh dear jebus lol, I should make it yellow and use it during the summer.

EDIT: Now name summer sun-dude pit.

That's going on a single or EP or something this summer, just because I can.
Quote by Wormholes
That's not seriously your logo right?

Seriously, please design me a better one if you're able, my design skills are awful. Yeah if I can't find someone to make a better one that's it until I can. I was aiming for simplistic and circular, like a road sign symbol almost; like the germs, crass, bad religion, fear, dead kennedys, that kind of thing.

It looks somewhat better inverted
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I meant a vertical, normal vagina just fyi

Too bad "The Vaginas" is already a band or I'd just go with that.
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My manager has asked me to teach just a few basic chords and what not for his daughter. I was just wondering if anyone knows any modern sort of songs that would be popular with a 12 year old girl to keep her interested and that is quite easy to learn?


This thread is going to go downhill very quickly; godspeed OP, godspeed.
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and then change your name to sideways vagina

Quote by snipelfritz
Oh no no no. You have the lovely sunshine-daisy outsides.

Genius! then the sunshine-daisy outsides makes sense

Wouldn't a sideways vagina match the original better though?
Quote by Eastwinn
you mean an upper case theta?

Hm, I did not know that's what that was called but yeah kinda sorta.
Quote by sonic_hippy
better to be safe than sorry. make it a cartoon penor

Seriously considering this, all the pit monkeys will buy our overpriced tees.
I didn't notice until just now when I was listening to Type O Negative that my band's Logo is pretty much a ripoff...

Type O Negative

My Band

Idk how I didn't notice this before
For clarification we're not a cover band and we don't even play metal, more like Husker Du than Habitual Defilement.

I came up with the name and logo a couple years ago and just recently started having enough time off from another band I'm in to start my own. So would this logo/name similarity cause an issue in the future if we gained any sort of traction? I'm aware that, like most bands, we'll probably never get that far but I'd rather come up with something else while it wont be an issue if I absolutely have to.

EDIT: btw band name is "Negative Sun", obviously the logo contains all the subtle artsy-ness I could muster.
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My interface already does this. But I want to use software emulation (peavey revalver 4) with low latency. I need peppy playback monitoring

Oi, that's why I switched to hardware amp sim gear when I use it. It would take some routing wizardry but you could split the guitar signal (dual out pedals work well for this) to record the clean to the computer and go out to an amp/hardware sim for monitoring; then put plugin amp sims on the guitar after the fact. Not a problem using Monitors but if you use headphones for monitoring you'd have to mic the amp and monitor that straight, maybe even record that too if you want to blend it with the DI/Amp sim track for some air.
Direct monitoring is your answer. Look into a setup where the direct feed from the mic/DI goes to your monitors/headphones along with the previously recorded tracks, but without monitoring the signal being recorded from the current track. With direct monitoring you can set the buffer as high as you want because it doesn't matter how fast the input is being processed. I use a small mixer that has a good set of I/O's for this.
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It quite crap for example the last Judge Dredd movie was really good but it didnt make that much money so a sequel is far from likely.

Karl Urban has been trying to get it funded since the beginning of last year at least, so I'm telling you there's a chance.

Personally I'd like to see a Batman/Dredd crossover like the comic, could essentially shoehorn modern Batman fans into the Judge Dredd fanbase.
The problem lies with the media forcing their opinions into every story, news should be apolitical and impartial. We need to know what happened, not have their ideals spoon-fed to us.
Quote by JackSaints
This is why the media should keep race/religion out of things.


It's absurd that we feel the need to label any altercation between people of different creeds a hate crime regardless of the actual motive; as long as we continue to force race/religion to be a factor in every crime, we will never come close to having racial amity.
I'm up for it again, put me down
You answered your own question, Transformers aren't dumb, but Starscream is an idiot in the worst way because he thinks he's a genius. The shows/movies don't go nearly as far into detail about the Transformers universe as the comics. If you can find the Thundercracker Spotlight issue to read online it's a perfect example of the depth the comics give to even minor characters.

On a another note, the new movies weren't meant to win Oscars, they were just made to be big dumb action movies with giant fighting robots and they did that wonderfully. IMO the 4th one was the best by a longshot.
Quote by JohnnyGenzale
Elliott Smith, whom I love. So if this is a let's laugh at white music then i retract my post.

Elliott Smith made sad music and happened to be white, I would never say he made "sad whiteboy music" in context of it's meaning ITT. Elliott's misery was real, unlike the lame-ass first-world problems music that has been posted.
Quote by dspellman
Phil X is the only one of the four that I've actually met (at the LA Amp Show, where he walks around and gawks at cool stuff like the rest of us).

"Credentials" as a guitar player is probably an understatement; you realize he was Richie Sambora's replacement on a recent Bon Jovi tour, when Richie was rehabbing (again), right? He's quiet and introspective if you're having lunch with him, and he's exactly that guy in the videos when he's got people standing around watching him play. And in a band setting, he fully realizes who the star is, but he's also willing to bring a lot of energy when it's time. You'd like hanging with him.

I completely agree (as much as I don't particularly care for Bon Jovi), I was trying to keep it short though. The guy really deserves every ounce of respect he gets as both a player and person, he's also a pretty damn good songwriter as he's shown with The Drills.
Quote by CorrosionMedia
While most of it seems fairly accurate, this part IMO is just plain wrong:
I've actually played a couple of them when I passed Andertons on the way back from a gig and can attest to their quality. They feel like £600-800 worth of guitar and are really well made.
I mean, they have won awards.
They weren't for me, though. I'm an Ibanez guy, but you don't have to like the feel to feel the quality.

Other than that, I'd agree with pretty much all of what you said. (How the **** can TK make some of those amps sound THAT bad!?)

I apologize, I may have gone a bit biased with that part. I just don't personally care for internet guitarists targeting the beginner/novice market specifically which is what it appeared as to me, but If you have first hand experience and give it an ok, I'll take your word for it.
Quote by Zaphod_Beeblebr
He may or may not be right about anything... but I can't watch him because he thinks that anyone who disagrees with him is instantly stupid and not even worth talking to or about.

Whether he's right or not, that's not how you change people's minds to your way of thinking.

Basically, he's a dick and I don't like him.

Anybody with that attitude is just about the worst person to know, I can't stand anyone that decides that if they don't agree, believe, or care for something, it's "stupid". Those people tend to either be pseudo-intellectual know-it-alls or stubborn morons, I've yet to meet someone with that shitty attitude that actually knows what they're talking about when they act that way.

Back on topic:

Scott Grove is right sometimes but just like darts; even if you suck, throw enough at a dartboard and you'll eventually hit a bullseye.

Tone King is wrong most of the time and somehow manages to make every piece of gear he "demos" sound like complete arse

Chappers, though somewhat knowledgeable, is clearly a bit of a jerk if you watch the way he interacts with the owner of Anderton's and the guitars his company makes are shoddy and come off as a cash-in on his internet popularity. I'd have more respect for him if he just had an established company make a sig model for him even if it cost way more than it should.

Phil X seems a little less than down to earth sometimes and is normally fed info from a crew member for the videos he does, but unlike most reviewers he at least has real credentials as a player. He had a name for himself before doing guitar videos, and his popularity probably won't disappear after he stops making videos.
I use 6 and I'd just use another tuning/put heavier strings on/get a six string baritone if I want to mix it up.

Considering the fact that some people have done great things with more strings (like Charlie Hunter) and 7 string gits work great for anyone that wants bari and normal range without swapping guitars, extended range guitars have proven their use. Sadly the vast majority of extended range players just ride the lowest string (which could be done just as well with a tuned down 6) or think more strings makes their dick bigger. They seem to be under the impression that low notes=heavy when the reality is that heavy has more to do with the the parts you play than the tuning you use.
Anyone that cares who the "best guitar player" is is missing the point of playing an instrument entirely.

If you like Kirk, good for you; If you don't, good for you.
Way to do what the makers of this vid wanted you to do TS. They're just a new comedy channel trying to get attention by perpetuating racial stereotypes, it's a rather transparent marketing strategy. I'd bet that they swapped places right after they heard someone nearby making a 911 call.
I don't prefer EDM over other forms of music but I certainly can't stand the people it attracts who treat anyone that doesn't like it like bigoted morons, as though listening to EDM makes them open-minded, intelligent people that need to change the minds of all they encounter.

On another note: not every genre of electronic music that you can dance to falls under the EDM blanket term, for example Industrial is it's own genre outside of EDM though they may share characteristics.

Calling Rock or Metal a single genre is as correct as calling EDM a single genre, because all three encompass numerous genres which may contain their own subgenres. Dubstep and Trap for example are both subgenres with their own defining characteristics just like Psychedelic and Alternative Rock fall under rock and Sludge and Drone Metal fall under Metal, each of those housing their own set of subgenres.

Making a fuss over specifying EDM's subgenres but explicitly claiming Rock and Metal to be singular genres makes you come off as a complete supercilious idiot, whereas just saying you don't know would have shown genuine unfamiliarity.
Quote by TheCalvinator
*Noble attempt to defend TS*

I think I speak for users other than and including myself when I say that the constant stream of questions that can be easily researched by using that newfangled google thingamajig is quite the annoyance. I know that myself and most others at least search for an existing answer to our questions before resorting to asking the questions ourselves. It's not as though there aren't a thousand other threads on the subject of the humble master volume control spread throughout the interwebs.

On another note: though some such as yourself may not agree, I believe moderate literacy in at least one's native tongue is a prerequisite to using the internet. Just as you wouldn't publish a novel or paper with the unintended usage of poor spelling and grammar, when requesting the help of others a person is more likely to get the answer they are looking for if they ask it in an intelligent manner.

In the event that TS is not a native English speaker, he should be so inclined to ask someone who can explain the solution to his issues in a language he understands, for the sake of his own comprehension; in the event that he is, he should at least make an effort to come across as a somewhat literate writer or at the very least possess the ability to utilize spellcheck.
Quote by wld-kid
Dsl 50 ,iv two channels a volume and gain for each channel ,my mg30cfx has a volume nob and a master volume and a gain nob ,am I missing something hear ??

1. The ability to spell correctly

2. Eyes, apparently

3. Understanding of what a master volume control is
Do I need to state my opinion or is it transparent enough?
Quote by chaoticfables
Yeesh, thanks Dave Letterman

Conan made that exact joke last night, possible that Dave did too though.
I turned germany into a utopia within 4 years, ran it for 4 more blissful, pot legal, free healthcare, economic and education growth fueled years but lost the second re-election due to a stock crash. I took the fall for Mittwoch schwarz (black wednsday, for the non-deutsch), for my people needed someone to blame before they could find the hope needed to rebuild.

Seriously though, go play democracy 3 if you haven't.
Try re-installing a couple times, and if that doesn't work email/call the folks at AVID.

@all posters: I won't get into my personal views on p-i-r-a-c-y; but for your own sake and the sake of not getting TS' thread locked before someone with a better answer comes along please remove the "P" word from your posts. Talk of sailing the seven seas tends to awaken the cthu-mods and lead to locked threads.
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I only wish she was my step-sister. Dayum.