I looked around, and I really couldn't find any good blogs. Mediafire is deleting all of the files from every blog I stumble across, so most of them are quitting. Blehh. If I come across a good one, I'll link them. At least it seems less suspicious since the songs have been on Youtube for a long time.
Alright. What do I have to do? I'll contact whoever. Burt Propane and his trusty Sumerian Crusaders must be known to the world.
Just added a bunch to my Watch List. Thanks.
Kickstarter is the worst thing to ever happen to punk rock.
I searched but couldn't find anything Delay is probably the best band on the planet, so if you're not already direct-depositing your paychecks straight into their bank accounts, then you better get on that.

Rushing Ceremony is good. Don't Laugh changed my life. Their AOTU Single has some really great songs. They were a band since they were like 4 or something.

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Somebody do it. I mean, I can, but isn't it more fun if a bunch of different people do different little things?

All you have to do is email punknotprofit[at]gmail[dot]com and be like, "hey i love your blog it has introduced me to some great punk rock over the years. i was wondering, in your years of digging into obscure 80s punk have you heard of a band called [BURT PROPANE AND THE SUMERIAN CRUSADERS :wink:]? there are some songs by them on youtube but i can't find anything about them." or something along those lines.

I would do this, but my email address has my name in it, and I also posted on the video with my name as the account name. I'd rather not reveal that I'm that same guy. It'd look better if it was a different person, I think.
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I also think it's funny how on the flier it says, no drinking, no drugs, no smoking and right next to it it says no fighting. The owners must not know edge and violence go hand and hand :p

Yeah, fighting is associated with not drinking.
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Y don't you do it?

Ummmm maybe.
Punknotprofit or one of those generic ones.
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That would be the best!

On it.
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Thanks for the kind words man.

Considering we don't know anyone we will literally play wherever we get shows pretty much. I hope it works out in San Antonio and you come hang out! Meeting people from the internet is FUN.

If having an audience makes a band unpunk we are the god damn Casualties.

Edit:and by that I mean we are punk as ****

I can help you with a show!

... at least I think I can. Some people in the punk scene tolerate me!
Quote by I_Pwn Since everyone else is doing it. I think I posted this link on here a while ago and our new stuff (Lipstick Homicide split) was missing from it. Well, it's on there now.

Billy Raygun is seriously one of the best punk bands around right now. Congrats.
Also, I saw your tour dates on the pop punk bored, and you should definitely play San Antonio. Unless you want people to show up... in that case you should probably go to Austin. But having an audience is so unpunk.
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You should check out the Hospitals ep. Everything after it just sounds the same which is why I stopped paying attention to them, but that record is in fact really great.

It is indeed wonderful. I like all of their full lengths though.
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I wasn't gonna listen to your music, but your influences checked out. Pretty cool bruv, nice songwriting. I dunno if you're fishing for suggestions or w/e, but you should try singing with PUNK ROCK kinda force.

Too metal-y. D:

\m/ \m/

You are my favorite.
This is best band
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Since this it's relevant to this thread, how awesome is that Dopamines/Dear Landlord split? Both bands kill it.

Yeah, The Dopamines' side is pretty weak if you ask me.
Speaking of bad splits, the OWTH/Discharge split is the worst release in punk rock history.
One time I saw a girl with a Racounteurs shirt, and after glancing at it, I thought it said The Raincoaters, which made sense to me because I couldn't remember if this band was called Raincoats or Raincoaters. Anyway, I was like "OHH You like the Raincoaters?? That's cool!" and then I walked away. Later that day, I saw that her shirt actually said Racounteurs but I was too embarrassed to explain the situation to her. I'm stupid.
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Yeah, and shit isn't censored. It's amusing.

Yeah, I hate that fuck isn't censored, but ******** (b-u-t-t-h-o-l-e) is. Stupid rules.
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If he wasn't in an awesome band would we even put up with him signing up here solely to promote his band? Srs questions are afoot in dis thread.

Then again, Night Birds are pretty popular, so people might be genuinely interested in his post, which wouldn't be the case if it were some random band.
srs questions indeed. I need to meditate or something.
Welp, if this thread has proven anything, it's that this forum is unwelcoming, not only to random posters, but even to the best hardcore band on the planet. I admire your consistency, UG.
Night Birds are cool, but i will never see them because you are scared of the south. Stop being so ignorant, Brian.
This looks sooo good. About 20 bands that I'd love to see here. I hate that Insub and the other pop-punk fests have to be so far from me.
Why aren't they Black Flag yet?
Can I get banned?
'cause I like to think that I am above the rules here.
I posted a comment on Splash Your Face. Did my best to make it seem like the average sort of Youtube comment.
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Just got a chance to listen. Not quite done yet, but I agree, due wins.

You must notta sent it ya dope.

Yeah, that post was a bit of the reason that I delayed posting it, but I never got anything.
Here you are. You are all beautiful, and this has been fun.

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I've read 5 or so Vonnegut books, and Sirens of Titan is my favorite. I haven't read anything I didn't like though.
So I put together the track list and everything, and afterwards, I decided that it needed more Christmas cheer, so I wrote and recorded a last-minute song. Whoop!
15 songs in total!
Alright! Compiling the songs and making the track list and equalizing the volumes and all that! Should be done soon.

Also, Due 07 wins.
Alright. You guys win. I'll work on the track list, and I'll draw somethin for the cover. This will be posted by the end of the weekend or Collin can ban me.

or something less mean, I dunno.
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My prediction was correct.

Yep. Every song is excellent.
I didn't forget about this. I'm just lazy, and I haven't made album art. Anyone else wanna make it?
Also, there's still time to record some songs. Most of the songs are fairly slow, so some upbeat punx could be good.
Not very punk if they make enough money to have taxes to pay.
The Taxpayers aren't exactly my thing, but they make good music.
Someone should send this to a blog host.
Vegetables isn't a punk band (yet). Vegetables are the latest symbol of punk rock. Who else, when they're not fisting non-consenting Republicans, grows their own veggies?