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Once, I watched Star Wars episode 4. I timed myself so that I came right when the death star blew up.

Afterwards, Han Solo said "Great shot kid, that was one in a million!"

this is going in my signature
I read all 23 pages, this thread is awesome
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Yeah..i know I fail.
They should have space chef classes, you never know wen you're gonna need that
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children dont have the ability to get an erection until about 7years old at the earliest.
so either your lying, or your too embarresed to admit in was when you were 17.

when your a baby you can get random erections.

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When I was around 6 or 7 years old, my family was getting new carpet for our main room and it was about an 8 foot long tube that weighed around 50 or 60 lbs. (I doubt it), and I was I...humped the...uh...carpet tube.
Then, my mom walked out and said, "What the hell are you doing?!"
I put my dick in my pants, stood up, turned around and said, "You piss me off!"

Thats Heroic
Excuse my stupidity but what is "Die erect"?
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You know your a guitarist when you get pissed off at someone else playing a guitar that is out of tune without knowing it, and violently insist on tuning it for them.

+1 million. I ****ing hate that
Ok. I'll just have to wait then.
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Do you mean the new Wolfgang line or whatever?

First a couple of things

1.Do you have a way in already?You can't just walk in there,you have to be connected to a music business to get a pass and even then the number of passes given to businesses are limited.NAMM isn't open to the public.

2.Why not just wait for it to be sold at stores,if you don't have a way in?

Well isn't that when they hit stores is after the show?
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ok thanks man

Well i dont want the exact one but thats when the whole signature guitar line is coming out. and i am going to buy one of them
Yeah but when is it happening? Cuz i want that guitar
When is that^ because thats when Eddie's (Van Halen) new guitar is suppose to be coming out. Does anyone know?
Start playing for family, then friends, then your self esteem builds up and you can do it infront of large amounts of people. Thats what i did
I don't know you learn to do it. It just happen's. Especially when your playing a really soulful solo or a really warm part. You hear it a lot in Slash's playing.