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Oh fuck those guys. Archaeology in the shit tier? You guys don't want to know anything about human history? Good luck with your shitty only-living-in-the-present, cocksuckers.

In complete agreement with you.
I'm studying Bioarchaeology. Definitely not shit tier

It combines biology, chemistry, anthropology and archaeology.

It's also incredibly interesting, challenging and thought provoking.

And incredibly important. But who cares about that.
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Ah good, **** item condition. I hate having to finish off an Oblivion gate with my fists/magic/any dremora gear I can scavenge, because my sword gave up the ghost on me.

Incidentally, is the Oblivion economy harsher than Morrowind's? I'm permanently broke in this game, whereas I feel like at a similar stage in MW, I was already rolling in it.

Repair hammers are in every other barrel in Fighters Guilds.
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Loot the houses in greyditch for things to sell, take anything even books. Clean out the superduper mart need megaton and do the same it might take a couple of trips but that should get you some caps, then wait outside megaton till the weapon trader caravan arrives.

Bearing in mind that the superdupermart can have quite a few raiders in it.
Slaves were a trade resource in Medieval II Total War
No, but if you use Student Finance Wales you should get £1500 of your loan turned into a grant so you don't have to pay it back.
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I'm a total noob to tattoos, so I have a few probably dumb questions to ask.

I plan on getting my first one soon and I've decided on getting this done on my left wrist.

About how much would it cost to get it done in that same size and around how long would it take? Do I print off a copy and bring it in with me? Should I call beforehand and make an appointment?


Don't forget to bear in mind that wrist tattoos can be a problem with employment.
A festival might be a bit much for a first date.
Hey guys
I'm getting my first tattoo on Thursday and was wondering if I had to shave the area or the artist would?
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Actually, 40-50% of today's ecstasy pills are pure MDMA. 40-50% contain MDMA and another drug, while only 10% doesn't contain MDMA at all. Of course this still poses a risk, but I figured I'd bring you up to date on the statistics.

"From time to time" doesn't mean three times a week, ever. I've never heard anyone say they do something "from time to time" unless it was less than once a week.

MDMA is probably a neurotoxin, but unless you do it more than once a month, I'd be more worried about the neurotoxins commonly found in our food and water. Alcohol is far more damaging than MDMA, as is tobacco.

For the record, I'm working on a biochemistry degree and have tried MDMA and do not enjoy it. Personally, I like to have natural, tantric sex, to me that is the best kind of sex.

By pure MDMA he probably means 'not mixed with random shit'
Rise Against- Hero of War
Dropkick Murphys-Johnny I Hardly Knew Ye
Hey guys. I need a good free antivirus, what do you recommend?
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porn stars (obviously they know what they're doing).

They're actors. Chosen for the size of their penis and staying power. Doesn't mean they know what to do.

Or, more likely, this:
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Their cover of Don't You Want Me was pretty damn good.
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Depends upon your definition of a superhero, and also which version of Batman you are reffering to.

Yes, he's normaly depicted as having no super powers, but his weaponry and skills can be considered as placing him in the same league as heroes with powers.

He's also been depicted as a vampire in 'Red Rain' and even as a Frankensteinesque monster with all the senses (and facial appearence) of a bat in 'Castle of the Bat' and in 'Speeding Bullets', the baby Kryptonian alien was found by Mr & Mrs Wayne instead of Mr. & Mrs. Kent, resulting an a dark brooding Batman with all the powers of Superman.

No powers=not a superhero.

Which is why I like Batman, anyone could in theory be him. And I tend to go with Arkham (comic and game)/Dark Knight/Killing Joke style Batman as my idea of him.
Watch Kick-Ass. Superhero movies redundant.

And Batman is a hero, not a superhero.
Well as we get more in income from the Crown Estates than we pay otu to them, I see no reason to get rid of them.

Besides, everyone loves Prince Philip.
(McGovern et al, 2004, 3)

Yay for referencing.
Just to parrot these guys, I'm 5-5.5 (I think, haven't properly measured, just by eye) and it's no problem, because I decided that it wasn't. Confidence is the important bit.
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This is a common question so sorry but it is also one that I have never found a decent answer too.

How do I stop caring about my penis size? In my experience women do care about it a lot so I want to know how to get over this insecurity irregardless of this fact. I am average.

What experience? Bear in mind that a vagina is only so big.
Panorama's Spaghetti Tree prank?
Well, finding a jury either way that hasn't formed their own preconceptions is gonna be tricky.
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I just can't. there is no way I'm going to go buy something like that while the hot lady at the cashier at the pharmacy is there.

It's that or a pregnancy/STD/both. Man up and but some condoms. If you're not ready to go and buy condoms without getting embarassed because of a hot cashier, should you even be having sex? Probably not, IMO.
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I cant.

None of your friends have condoms they can give you/sell you?
Get/borrow a condom, or don't sleep with her.
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read my post. he never paid me back and he never will because he's a lowlife druggie that steals shit from other people because he can't afford it.

Anyone else seeing the irony?
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make sure she takes two when she's supposed to take her next pill.

Which will make zero difference, especially if her pill isn't the same every day.
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Bought a box of condoms 6 months ago. Used all but one, and i still got that one. Is it still safe to use is after 6 months? do those things expire?

Should be an expiry date printed on the individual wrapper.
Firefox, Chrome got too buggy.
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What kind of idiot DOESN'T keep a steady supply of rubbers when he has a girlfriend?

The kind whose girlfriend is on the pill, perhaps.
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She's a virgin but she's been on birth control?

To reduce/stop periods?
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Not sure if this is a genuine question or a bit of a sarcastic comment.

But I'm sure not every natural disaster can have a benefit from the UG community!

No, only when it affects a first world country more capable of helping itself than others. Where was the UG Pakistan floods benefit album?
Richard Thompson-Dream Attic
Oh, you have it coming. Just you wait. You just don't do that.
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Ok ST I don't know if this is a huge problem or not so help please...

I was fingering my girl earlier and she came twice but she was bleeding afterwards, possibly because I was going to rough, she didn't feel any pain during but could after.

any advice?

Use your tongue?
Just a heads up, Mass Effect 2 for 360 is £4.98 on for the rest of today.
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so far girls at college have been 100% lame to me... i've lost count of how many girls have told me they can't hook up with me because they have a boyfriend back at home. probably about 4-5. haven't even ****ing kissed a girl first semester. confidence killer, depressing, and boarder line embarrassing all in one cause im in college... fml

So they're lame because they won't cheat on their boyfriends?

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carbon dating brah.
their guess is WAY premature.

Stratigraphy is an incredibly reliable way to date things normally, but in this case, you do need other dating. And carbon dating is far from infallible, it can be quite inaccurate when the age is very high. Electron spin resonance dating is more suited to the 400,000 years time frame.