What exactly am i being reported for?
stfu ******.
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The pic say everything


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someone want to think me up an xbl gamertag

I want it to be kind of serious, no numbers something that has a good ring to it
i mean like one acoustic and one electric in the same song
me and my buddy are playing a song for the talent show in a week and we need a song 1 acoustic and one electric

we like rhcp nirvana foo fighters and alternative, stuff like that

please help us with a song
My friend and I, have decided we are going to play at the talent show (June 4th) we are intermediate guitar players looking for something to play, 2 guitars, Can anyone suggest something to play?

we like RHCP
Foo Fighters

Things like that

Can anyone please suggest a song for 2 guitars
Im about to go to bed, and need some new music to sleep too,

What are some good instrumentals, no hip hop, something like Jazz a nice saxophone or something

or something like
Murderers and Before the Beginning by johnfrusciante
Quote by grifff
Playing bass through a guitar amp will eventually destroy it. Try to get at least a cheap used practice bass combo off a friend or eBay. I second the Squire VM J bass, tis a great bass.

Could you recommend a good bass amp then?

And what about the Fender Standard J Bass?
I think im seeing one on ebay for like 300 bucks
Quote by Captain Insano
Great bass. Great for slap.

What are you doing for an amp, TS?

All i have for now is a line 6 spider III ): ):
What about the Squier Classic Vibe 60's Jazz Bass?

good for like slapping or things like that
Is a Musicman OLP MM2 Any good?

Just saw it doesn't look too expensive and like aren't musicmans good?
I've been playing guitar for about a year now,

And I think i want to try to play bass.

My birthday is the 30th and i have a limit around 350 dollars, can anyone recommend me a bass good for music like red hot chili peppers, nirvana, foo fighters?
Hello, Ive been playing for about 8 months now, and I think im in some sort of rut, I dont think im getting better

I dont know if i can afford lessons, so can you guys recommend anything to help me ctually get better?
Rate this!

Okay, I play the guitar right now, been about 8 months,
and I was wondering if i were to buy a bass would it interfere with my learning the guitar?

thanks in advance,

1. John Frusciante
2. Kurt Cobain.
3. Jimi Hendrix
4.Eddie Van Halen
5. Slash

In that order
well yea i was just wondering because I would like to have something like a mustang with a neck like a gibson, the 3 pegs on each side idk why though, i think it would look pretty cool
but i was wondering the other day... Is it possible to put a fender neck on a gibson or vice versa?
Yes tuned perfectly fine
I was putting on new strings on my strat, and I think ive gotten all of them good but theyre really twangy

i put on daddrio nickel wound regular light gauge i believe

someone please help
Im 13, been playin around 7-8 months
It looks like some sort of Mosrite ventures model.

look into that or something univox

Username : -Frusciante-

Price Range : 100-600ish

Genre's Bands : Grunge, Alternative - Red hot chili peppers, Nirvana, Jimi Hendrix, Foo Fighters a little acoustic, Jack johnson etc.

What I want : A New Electric preferable fender
And a new amp

Will Be my 2nd Guitar. been playing for 8 months
Quote by tigerking615
I think we can give you a good recommendation if you give us your price range / axe / genres.

Under 200

Ibanez Gax70

Squier Bullet

About to obtain a Fender Standard Strat

Red hot chili peppers,
Foo Fighters,

Etc. Alternative, grunge you know what i mean.
thing is she might have already bought it..

I could talk her into getting a different one?

What kind should i get

UNDER 200 though
My mom was suggesting buying me an amp for xmas, line 6 spider III

And i was wondering could you use an effects pedal ala Digitech RP90 on it?

Thanks in Advance.
Quote by buddha
yeah how long you been payin??? and what kinda song are you looking for?? genre type that is.

scroll up a couple posts
Any others?

Keep em coming guys!
any others?

I want to have a big list so i wont ever be bored
Nirvana and RHCP

im about 4 1/2 Months into playing

id say im Upper novice to lower intermediate (if that helps)
I was wondering if someone could recommend me a song I could play.

Im tired of playing intro's and i think im ready to tackle a real song.

if someone could help with that it'd be great

Thanks in Advance
Quote by akm_202
to listen to or to learn?

Opeth- benighted


I was curious if anyone could supply me with a easy-listening-not-to-hard-mellow song

Im not really in the mood for going on the full "jam" im sort've in a sad mood right now

So, Could anyone get me a song like that?

Thanks in advance.