have one play the normal chords, then put a capo on the 2nd, 4th, 6th fret or whatever and play the different chord positions that mask the same chords

so a E chord in standard, played with the other dude playin a D with capo 2nd fret, mess with the chords and alottta the time the guitars will sound sick, i play with my gf but i use a different tuning and they sound sweet....helps that I have a norman and she has a seagull...both owned and made by Godin, there like brother sister guitars and sound sweet together

for a good start doing this technique check out this as i can by great big sea, they use two guits just like i was explaining
some people naturally have nice sounding voices, in my opinion whether it be lessons or just alot of practice, people that naturally already have talent will learn it alot quicker, but if your not tone deaf and have decent rythem im sure with enough practice you can do it.

ive never had lessons and just have been singing for probably 7 years, and listening to my recording from way back, i have improved alot.....also after i got my tonsils out i can do runs and my range is extended, lol dunno why, voice is bigger and better tone

so get your tonsils out kids! ahha jk i just had too cause i was sick all the time
hey guys, check out my band if ur bored or whatever,

let me know what you think.

posative and negative feedback is cool

heres the link!


you can also check out my solo ****

hey man, i got that same guitar, in terms of playability it's pretty decent...maybe you just need to adjust the action and intonation? I'm a newb with electrics but i fixed my intonation and the guitar is alot better to play all the way up the neck, its a nice sounding guitar

might be harder to play cause its so top heavy? the SG's need a pretty comfy strap