Clips will be up soon, got a couple youtube contests I've been saving to do with it, but been kind of sick and icky so haven't got to record anything.
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I'm not sure about the headstock.
But I completely approve of the rest.

I love the feel of 7 string necks.

Even after only a day I dont think I could go back to 6's unless it was a tele or strat, something tonally unique. Really versatile and great playing guitar

but wait.............

Here we go.............

Yes, it's a JP7 Dargies Delight. Got it from Bass Central, great guys

Amazing piece of birdseye!

And it changes to gold in the light.

Amazing craftsmanship, perfect in every way, at least for the way I play. Plays better than any 7 i've played. Ebony board is so fast, neck is slim but still comfy, love the tremolo, couldn't be happier. Sounds great, really versatile pickups and the piezo is to die for. Now to sell my 6's.....

Will trade along with cash for Bareknuckles as well.
BUMP for Price Drop!!!!!

$45 Shipped CONUS
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Low tunings dosen't equal heavy.

Grab that JSx, should be great for metal at that price.


Listen to some Pestilence, heavy as balls and in standard.
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I owned one for a few years and could never get a truly good metal from it. Thats a great deal on a very nice and versatile head. It will sound good for just about any genre of music with enough equipment and pedals but not out of the box.

At this point any tube amp would be a huge upgrade in tone for you. The problem with tube amps though is that you will spend alot of time and money trying to tweak it to your needs.

A EQ, noise suppressor and compressor are going to be items you will want very soon after getting your head.These btw are things i think every guitarist should have hooked up to his rig.

A peavey 5150(or 6505) is a really good beginners metal amp. You can find one in that price range as an alternative. Play both pick what you like.

Why would he want a compressor? There is no need for one if you are talking about high gain tones. Unless you are talking about a Keeley 4 knob compressor and using it the way bulb from periphery does it's just gonna make the amp extremely noisy and sterile.

The biggest improvement to the amp tone wise would be an overdrive pedal to tighten it up and add a little sizzle. But trust me, YOU NEED TO BUY THIS NOW! That is an incredible deal on a great amp.

Don't worry about it sounding good for Metal, no it isn't a Diezel VH4 but it's got more than enough gain on tap and is extremely versatile. Lots of Metal bands use the JSX, Charles from Cradle of Filth, Ryan Knight from The Black Dahlia Murder uses them sometimes. And countless producers use them in the studio.

If it is overly noisy at first get a noise gate, if the tone isn't absolutely what you want, experiment with OD Pedals and maybe an MXR 10 Band EQ. It's perfect for Melo-Death, your not looking for Dying Fetus/Suffocation type tones so the EL34's and overall smooth character of the amp should suit you.
I talked to my friend and he wants it, ill send you a pm with more info.
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Let me know if you are still interested in buying but...
No thanks on that stuff. I am looking for an amp or an electric guitar mainly. Thanks for the offer.

I assumed as much, I'll let you know. Thanks
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Well 320 for a local pickup. Unless you got things to trade. I would PM but my phone says no.

Hmmm.... I have a Like New Ovation Acoustic that I'm selling for 350 with a roadrunner case, and a White Dimarzio Evolution that I'm selling too.

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Congrats! HNAGD!

Nice false start, by the way.

Thanks I may not go back to the br00talz for a few days cuz of this guitar

Wait............that's not my guitar

Got this Manuel Rodriguez C Cedar Top on Craigslist today for a low low price of 375$ with Case. I kind of feel bad, because this guitar plays as good as some 1000+ dollar guitars I have played and the gator case is a great addition.

On to pics:


I'm in love with the headstock for some reason.

Disregard the smudges and drying Finger Ease lubricant.

Now off to play Dee by Randy Rhoads
Well I played some of the 1000+ dollar ones at Guitar Center and Sam Ash then went and played the one on Craigslist. Didn't really notice any difference. It's an absolute steal for the price (375 with Gator Hardshell Case), from the short time I have had it I love it. Perfect for the opeth type stuff I play and write, I'll make a thread when I have time to take some pics later. Thanks for help guys.

PS I love buying used, more money for that Petrucci 7 string I'm GASN for
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See if you can try it out before buying.

Oh yea of course. I never buy anything before trying. Going to Sam Ash and GC today to see how some of the higher priced models sound too.
Quote by Confusius
They look identical, I can't work out why there's such a large price difference.

I'm glad to see I'm not the only one. 400 dollars with a case is quite a good price for what seems like a quality instrument. I hope I like how it plays.
I'm wondering what warrants the price difference between these two guitars? Is it just the cutaway?

All the specs appear identical and both are made in Spain. I'm asking because I played the cutaway model and really liked it, but the non cutaway model has just popped on my local CL for a great deal.
Metal Muff is now sold.
Brief & Accurate Description of gear/guitar:

Dimarzio DP159 Evolution Bridge Pickup

Electro-Harmonix Metal Muff w/ Top Boost

Location (City,State or City,Country):Indio, California
Contact Info (No Phone #s):

PM on this forum, MSN (st6bladz"at", AIM (SPX Blad3s)

References (eBay or other forum userid):densu777 on ebay, 100% Positive

Price (include currency and if firm/obo):

Dimarzio Pickup - $55 Shipped
Metal Muff - 65$ Shipped OBO
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That's some nice christmas surprise you got How big is it?

also Necrophag I like your board + rack!

Thanks, it's a two tiered LYT Board. Best made board for the price imo. And I got the brand new skb rack case for only 50 bucks on ebay, guy was in a rush to get rid of it.

I'll get my real camera out and take pics of the guitars some day.
Played one of those before, gives the EC-1000 a run for it's money. Nice catch!
Does this buddy want more friends to give free guitars too? If so have him hit me up and I'll buy him a frozen yogurt or something. :P Man my strat gas just went up, I always am tempted to pick up a cheap one on Craigslist. HNFGD!
Updated Board and Rack, sorry for the blurry pics:

From Left to Right (MXR Smart Gate, Xotic BB Preamp, Phase 90, Dyna Comp, Boss DD-7, XXX Footswitch, Korg Pitchblack, Ibanez Weeping Demon)

Furman PL-8
Alesis Midiverb 4
Rane PE-15 Parametric EQ
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I didn't notice any particular tone suckage using a Jackson equipped with a Sustainiac. Just oodles of delicious sustain.

Same here with my DK2S. The Sustainiac on it's own pumps out some sweet clean tones and matches great with my Air Norton in the middle position.
Mesa Cabs sound great with 6505. Vaders sound great live too. Avatars are a great lower priced option as well.
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Then Listen to the Black Dahlia Murder. I mean sure they are meaningless as well but they actually have something to do with something.

They aren't meaningless, the music is extreme and very "Metal", in my opinion the lyrics should be too. IMO lyrics about Vampires sucking children's blood is more relevant to the music as opposed to a song about how your mommy makes you eat 3 servings of fruit a day.

Even if someone wants lyrics that relate to real life then they should write them in a semi-dark/poetic way that relates to the music as opposed to be direct about your girlfriend or your parents divorce or your cat being youthanized when you were a child.
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Thank you SO much, I have been trying to find one especially a progressive one for so long.

Blotted Science is amazing. Glad you like em.

Even though it's more neo-classical, Jeff Loomis solo album has some really heavy riffs.

Quote by chaos13
same. Ex: Skeletonwitch
lyrics suck, so i like them way less than I would if they were meaningful

You list disturbed in your favorite bands, and you say skeletonwitch has bad lyrics?

Quote by darkcheef
Sometimes I wish Death Metal was purely instrumental

Listen to some Blotted Science

You don't like Death Metal, don't listen then. No one is making you. Just like I don't choose to listen to Lesbian Singer-Songwriters.
Ibanez Toneblaster?
Got a Jackson DK2S in purple with Dimarzios and Sustainiac. Gets the job done. I wish Jackson would make 7 Strings other than the COW though

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This is awesome, I wanna know want the christian conservatives think of thisXD

As a christian conservative I APPROVE of this Although they could have gotten a better model
I have that DVD and it's a Rackmount Cry Baby. Michael goes over all his live rig in the second disc.