Actually I stand corrected guys, I am sure the JSX Switch will work now. It uses the same 7 pin connector and now that I found a XXX manual online, the labeling is even identical. I think they are actually the same exact switch.
Hmmm thanks for the info.
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Yeah, peavey amps have their own input for their footswitches just so you buy their overpriced ones.

Actually Valveking switches are standard 1/4"
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Fixed; you whiney assholes.

OH MY GOD!!! She sounds just like the hypnotist lady from Jackpot No Hands
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I thought I read somewhere that Peavey uses their own input for their footswitches.

Go me. I have a JSX and don't know this. But I think it's pretty safe to assume a JSX switch will work with a XXX.

That's what I've heard. The labels on the switch are different though.

JSX Switch has Clean, Ultra, FX Loop
XXX Switch has Clean, Crunch, Ultra

Not sure if that makes a difference though.
Well I know it has to be a 3 button footswitch at least, because it is a 3 channel amp, so something like a Valveking footswitch won't work.
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i will say Angela Gossow

It is very likely I will be buying a used XXX head tomorrow, but the seller doesn't have the footswitch. It's looking really hard to track one done on ebay or craigslist. I was wondering if a JSX footswitch would work?

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lol you MUST be f*ckin with me.

Your troll meter is broken Jam.
Especially since I might be getting that XXX tomorrow. Going to that dudes house to try it out. If so then I'm getting a 10 band tomorrow and ordering another Man O War for the cab.
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1. Get an amp with a headphone jack
2. Get a guitar to hide in your room, like under your bed or something
3. ?
4. Play your guitar whenever you want

His problem is that his parents can hear his bare strings.
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i agree that buying all those albums is rediculos however you should just buy the big album then download the ones you dont have (if their not on itunes than i guess youll have to download) However this is a rare occasion and doesnt allow you to download all your music. buy cds to support the bands you like and buy the software to support the developers you like.

That is what I do lulz. I buy the CD's I like, I download the ones that I'm meh about. Same goes with software.
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As far as torrenting music goes, this is probably one of major reasons people do it. Along with not having money.

Interesting, but I could just buy the Maximum version (I VANT Z SHIRTZ), then download all the other songs I'm missing.

That way I'm supporting the band and getting all the songs I want. WIN/WIN!
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I've never had that. I'm at the very opposite end of the house so its about 3 or 4 walls and doors between me and my parents room.

I play my TSL on about 7 or 8 often at the nighttime through to morning (going to be at 7am etc)

7 or 8??? Do you have paper towels handy for when your eardrums bleed.
I'd get the Washburn one personally.
Yes. Yes it is. But it's no reason not to get the guitar, the rest of it sounds great. You can buy a nice bridge pickup from a company like Rockfield for really cheap.
Hmmmmm Dimebucker..........EWWWWW. But it's a solid guitar otherwise especially that Schaller. Just swap the bridge pup and your good to go.
Just practice left hand excercises while muting the strings with your right hand and vice versa.
Schaller Trem??? REALLY?? Get that thing now man!
Riff wise they aren't really that different. You can easily write thrashy riffs with a Metalcore feel to them. It's more the "scene" that is different.

It's not like your trying to combine Dying Fetus and Fall out Boy.
I know dude, there aren't many Metalheads around here. I met one chick that likes necrophagist though
I don't torrent, I rapidshare.

But I did just plop down money for Sony Acid Pro, now I wish I did torrent it...........
That Dime Washburn is pretty awesome, hard to tell but does it have the Bill Lawrence in the bridge?
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Great for the bedroom!

That's what she said.

Thanks for giving me a diagram of your house.........................

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I traded my Rocker, VK, 8080 and cash for a Marshall MG full stack. Good deal?

Pretty good, I mean two cabinets are better than one right.
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okay, just checking. proceed.
long live the working class! *raises fist*

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I´LL use it as a back up or primary guitar, depends on, so i need a "workhouse metal" guitar jeje as much as i can buy reliabiliness and quality for 800 euros jeje

Reliability does not equal EDGE 3.
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I'd like to get it to 2 out of 3.
Let's see, what else....
I like women. Is that enough?

Get me an uncensored pic of that avatar above your post. That will be enough
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I like Telecasters and SOAD.
Go figure.

1 out of 2 aint bad
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are you insane!!???

Yes as I have previously stated, he is insane.
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TBH, I disagree.
They take time, but you will love them.

I'm a metal player and I love teles, their necks are sooo perfect IMO.
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Don't hate on an awsome band.

I'm gonna leave you to think about what you just said before I get perma'd for my response.
Yep that one in columbus is it. And yes I need a dedicated clean channel. I'm def interested in a nitro, either that or an ENGL Blackmore. Cool site, never saw that link before.
Xiphos would be great apart from the EDGE III trem.
Thanks for your amazingly insightful post system. Go and listen to your crappy SOAD and stfu.

Teles are great guitars, not a big fan of them with the Strat headstock but those are nice axes.
What is a decent price for a used splawn nitro guys? I found one kind of close to me for 1650. Seems kind of high but it was just retubed with KT88's.
I'm sorry guys looks like my run is up. Seriously I just felt like being a big douche today, forgive me if I have offended any of you. It was all in good fun. I really don't have a problem with any of these guitarists. "To each his own as they say". If you guys like those players, by all means have fun with the movie.

Cool, cool. Good luck on finding some kvlt dudes to play with!